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How To Travel Back in Time on Vancouver Island Highways

Does the busy modern world have you wishing you could step back in time? We’re happy to say your wish has been granted with this trip down memory lane (or highway)! Climb aboard our BC Road Trip Time Machine and travel Vancouver Island Highways 1 and 19 (between Duncan and Kelsey Bay) as they were in the spring of 1966. Island motorists young and old are sure to notice countless changes in these videos, along with some things that...

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Toads On The Road II – The Migration Returns

toad wildlife on bc highways

We’ve talked about a mass migration of toads that had to cross Highway 19 north of Courtenay on Vancouver Island. Events like these are actually not uncommon in BC, and in some areas they can happen several times a year. Like near Summit Lake on Highway 6, just southeast of Nakusp. Having to cross this highway just once would be challenging enough, but these toads actually make the trip three times in their life. They spend the winter in...

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