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Bridge Inspections Truck on for Road Safety

It takes a steady truck with a long arm to ensure British Columbia bridges stay shipshape for your safe crossings. The bridge inspection truck is one of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure’s coolest tools. What makes it so cool? The truck’s arm, or crane, is capable of reaching about 14 metres above bridges (for checking parts such as suspension cables) and 23 metres below bridges (for inspecting parts such as bearings and bolts). “The bridge inspection truck is...

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Happy Birthday Lions Gate Bridge!

Today we’re celebrating the opening of the Lions Gate Bridge, which provided drivers their first chance to travel over Burrard Inlet between the City of Vancouver and the North Shore back in 1938. The bridge was originally built and operated by the Guinness family (of Guinness Beer fame) and A. J. T. Taylor, a local businessman, under the name First Narrows Bridge Company Limited. They collected a 25 cent toll from drivers to help pay for the bridge. It...

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