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Winter Safety on Alex Fraser and Port Mann Bridges Explained

Rope Access Technician on Port Mann Bridge

Winter doesn’t mess with the Lower Mainland all too often. But when it does, our maintenance efforts go beyond the standard plowing and sanding of highways. Our attention is also drawn skyward to the cables on the Alex Fraser Bridge and Port Mann Bridge. Snow and ice can build up around the cables that support the bridges, becoming a safety hazard to traffic below if left to freeze, melt and potentially fall. To combat the risk, we developed cable...

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Keeping You Safe: A Closer Look at Bridge Inspections

bridge engineer inspections

There’s been a lot of interest recently about our bridges and how they’re inspected. Here’s the scoop. The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure manages an inventory of 2,700 bridges plus concession* bridges throughout the province. Sounds like a lot, but here’s a visual for you to put it in perspective. Take those bridges, put them end to end and they’d stretch over 150 kilometres. That’s like driving from Penticton to Merritt! So, how do we make sure so many...

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