What it Takes to Keep Bridges Upstanding and Safe

Bridge Area Managers keep 2,973 bridges (plus tunnels, retaining walls, culverts and overhead signs) upstanding and safe, in British Columbia. The job offers a great deal of autonomy but that comes with a far greater responsibility, as bridge failures are almost always a catastrophic event. The work requires bridge area managers to get wet, to work in enclosed spaces or from high ledges and to clamber, climb and crawl in all sorts of weather conditions. Documentation and deductive reasoning are part of the job.

snooper truck doing bridge inspection

Bridge Inspections Truck on for Road Safety

The truck’s arm can reach about 14 metres above bridges (for checking parts such as suspension cables) and 23 metres below bridges (for inspecting parts such as bearings and bolts). The truck and its two-person operating team travel all over the province to inspect bridges and make repairs.