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Why We Are Making a Bed for 200 Snakes

Workers discovered about 200 snakes settling in for winter, in a den of shale layers.  The environmental monitor for the project identified two types – the Common Garter Snake  and the Western Terrestrial (Wandering) Garter Snake. Both are common in BC, but the size of the nest was unusual for this part of the province. The snakes were in harm’s way and a solution needed to be found.

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Winter Driving Through the Eyes of… Highway Maintenance

Perhaps no group monitors winter on B.C. highways more vigilantly than the ministry’s maintenance contractors. They are on call around the clock, ready to battle the ice, slush and snow that can threaten travellers’ safety at a moment’s notice. This is Part 2 of a Shift Into Winter interview series exploring how people, representing various professions, experience winter driving in B.C. We began by talking to paramedics, and continue here with Interior Roads Equipment Supervisor Rob Schwartz. Here are...

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