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Is Your Impatience a Safety Concern on the Coq?

There’s an essential rule about sharing the road with snowplows: NEVER pass them on the right. In 2016, there were 11 collisions between cars and snowplows, on one BC highway alone. That’s a lot of crashes and a lot of stress, grief and costs for a lot of people! Check out the video above, featuring VSA Highway Maintenance, our contractor responsible for the Coquihalla Highway. The reason why you don’t want to pass an operating plow on the right,...

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VSA Maintenance: Clearing the Way to Cleaner Roads

VSA is the maintenance contractor that looks after highways around Lytton and Merritt, including the Coquihalla. They’re always on the lookout for ways to improve how they do things, and they recently found a new way to keep the highways clean. The machine they’ve developed was made in partnership with Tanguay, a company from Quebec. It’s called the SA 150, and it’s basically a super sweeper, allowing VSA to sweep highways faster with less impact to traffic. Just how...

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Projects of the Week: Volunteers Improve Parks and Parking

We’ve been talking lately about some of the volunteer projects our maintenance contractors have been working on with ministry staff. Together, we’ve helped improve trails and infrastructure in many B.C. communities, and today we’re taking a look at park and parking projects. Here’s what we’ve been up to: On Galiano Island, we worked with Mainroad South Vancouver Island to improve the access and parking lot at Bluff Park. The project included the supply and placing of gravel, grading, and...

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