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How do you Spell a Great Job Opportunity? TELP or EIT

Telp EIT Programs

Yes, it’s that time of year again – TELP/EIT time! What is a TELP/EIT you might ask? Don’t worry, it’s not a required flu shot or a strange new tax. It’s just a handy acronym for our ministry’s Technical Entry Level and Engineer in Training programs. You’ll be hearing a lot more from us about TELPs and EITs and that is because we are really focussed on hiring for these positions. In fact, this year alone we are hoping...

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TELP Talks: A Transportation Career Q & A


We asked Brent… a successful TELP candidate from the 2006/2007 program, about his experience as a Development Approvals Technician TELP. What can you expect as a TELP/EIT? In a word, opportunity. As a TELP in Development Approvals, I was exposed to a wide variety of work, ranging from subdivision developments, permit applications, utilities, access management and corridor development. After completing the TELP program in 2006/2007, I took a full time position with the Fort George District in the Development...

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TranBC Meet Science, Science Meet TranBC – Part 2 of 2

Last month, there was a two day Expo for the Year of Science at the Prince George Civic Centre where TranBC participated in the fair’s exhibits and career round table. Did you know that the majority of the jobs held at the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure combine science with transporation? Well, they do. At the Expo, our exhibit highlighted the wide range of science and technology careers within the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and some of the...

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