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Why Slow Down if No Workers at Construction Site?

Have you ever driven through a signed construction speed zone with no workers in sight and thought, “Why the heck do I have to slow down if there’s nothing happening?” It’s a question we get now and again on our social platforms – including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – so we decided to explain how speed management works when it comes to roadway construction zones. Let us first say this: we understand that speed zones are most effective when...

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4 Ways You Helped Improve BC Highway Safety and Mobility

safety and speed review

The results of the province-wide Rural Highway Safety and Speed Review are here. We went out on the road to speak with you in person and online from Nov. 29, 2013 to Jan. 24, 2014 to assess four key areas of road safety on rural highways: slow moving vehicles wildlife safety requirements for winter tires setting appropriate speed limits We heard you. At the same time, we conducted technical work, including research from other jurisdictions, and an engineering assessment...

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Signpost Ahead: B.C. Highway Speed Limit and Safety Review

We’ve been talking with you recently about how speed limits are set on B.C. highways. Sounds like some of you are in favour of an increase in limits, while others feel fine with the speed we are at. In order to get a really clear picture of the dashboard, we are stepping the discussion into high gear with a formal B.C. highway speed limit review, beginning with a public consultation beginning in November (more details on that coming soon)....

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