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B.C. Highway and Traffic Cameras Join DriveBC under Open511

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially if it helps plan a safe journey. DriveBC, one of government’s most popular and valued services, lets commuters, truckers and vacationers in British Columbia see the road ahead with pictures from thousands of highway and traffic cameras. Whether moving goods or commuting to work, travelers want to see that their road is safe to drive. Seeing the road gives travelers the information and confidence they need to avoid delays or take...

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Talk About an Information Highway – Open 511 meets DriveBC

BC highway condition and event information is wide open. Open511 that is. We are thrilled to announce that valuable highway information (or data) such as: road closures and construction work, is now available to you as Open511– DriveBC. What will you do with all this great data? We are excited to find out. What is Open511? Open511 stems from the open data movement, which is basically the idea that certain data should be available in a standard format for everyone...

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