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Keeping Wildlife Moving Along the SFPR

As people drive the new South Fraser Perimeter Road (SFPR) from Surrey to Delta, a whole other world is unfolding around them. Creatures like otter, deer, mink, waterfowl, nesting birds, turtles and coyotes are going about their daily lives seeking food, raising their young and bedding down for some rest. That’s because when we developed the SFPR, to enhance mobility and safety for people, we worked hard to minimize disruptions for other living beings – like birds, wildlife and...

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Why is that Cyclist in my Lane? A Question of Cycling Safety

We get a lot of questions and comments about cycling safety here at the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, so in our ongoing effort to improve the safety of cyclists (and other travellers), here’s another important reminder to look out for them and explain why you might see them riding in front of you as you drive. Often, there’s a bike lane or shoulder for cyclists to ride on, so they’re out of the way of traffic, and it’s...

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6 Ways We Help Fish Find Their Way Home


Every summer, as you pack up your things and head out on the highways to your favorite BC destination, our ministry is busy working to improve fish passages and restore habitats along these same highways. Because spring and fall are the busiest times of year for fish spawning, and because high winter water levels and storms make work difficult, we work long hours during the summer to help restore mainly salmon and trout habitat that has been damaged from...

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