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Hydroseeding – What’s up with the Weird Green Stuff?

protecting environment in BC

Passing through new construction, you may have noticed an odd greenish-grey-coloured coating, alongside the road. What is that weird-looking stuff?  And why is it there? The answer is – hydroseeding – a mix of grass seed, mulch, fertilizer, water and a few ingredients to make all that stick together. (The mulch is coloured with a natural and biodegradable green dye to help see where the product has been applied.) This concoction is sprayed on newly excavated or filled slopes...

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Why Are Workers Doing the Safety Dance on the Sea-to-Sky?

No, the shoe-soaking shuffle displayed in the video above is not British Columbia’s answer to Gangnam Style. These moves make more sense. The crew is installing articulated matting where Charles Creek flows into Howe Sound as part of the final phase of erosion protection in the small community of Strachan Point, located between Horseshoe Bay and Lions Bay. The project was completed in fall 2014, providing the final level of protection for a Sea to Sky Highway bridge, a...

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Rip Rap is Actually Hard Rock

big rocks along the coastline

You might have seen it and thought it was “just a pile of rocks”. You’re right, it is a pile of rocks, but it is a pile of rocks with a purpose. Also known as rubble, shot rock or rock armour, we use this rock star to protect our coastlines, riverbeds, bridges and steep hills from erosion by water. How does something as unassuming as a pile of rocks have such a big impact on erosion? When used for...

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