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Emergency Signs on BC Highways and What they Mean

We have an extensive inventory of signs in use along our highways – many of which you are familiar with. But let’s take a minute to highlight some of our emergency signs – signs which you might not see very often (or which you might notice, but not be familiar with the significance of), that could indicate a potential emergency situation for you while driving. For example, Road Flooded, Washout and Forest Fire signs let you know exactly what...

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Be Prepared – To Meet our Incident Command Vehicle!

A good boy scout is always prepared. (Ask action film star Bruce Willis, he knows). While we might not have had Bruce Willis in mind when we acquired our Mobile Response Unit (okay, maybe a little bit), we definitely had the transportation safety of British Columbians front and centre. After all safety is our number one priority and we are often required to respond to emergency situations such as floods, fires and even toxic spills. “What’s a Mobile Response...

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