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These Photos Will Make You Want to Travel BC

“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.” – Jack Kerouac, On the Road Whenever summer hits, and we here at TranBC are tethered to our office computers, we find it uplifting to think about all the journeys people are enjoying, all the epic explorations taking place via the time-honoured BC road trip. We thought it would be inspiring for our readers and social media community if we collected and shared some of...

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Who Ya Gonna Call? Your BC Transportation FAQs

Planning parades, towing boats and RVs, licensing limos or developing rural subdivisions? We hear all kinds of questions about all kinds of topics… It’s natural that many of these questions come to our offices across the province, given we’re the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. We can give you a full answer to a lot of questions, but in some cases, we are not the organization responsible for the area you want to know about, or the...

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BC on the Move Twitter Town Hall: Your Ferries Questions Answered

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Get Your Answers About Ferries

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Future of Coastal Ferries: We Want to Hear from You

What does the future of coastal ferries look like? No really, we’re asking you. We’ve begun public meetings in those communities directly impacted by coast ferry service, including Pender Island, Salt Spring Island and Nanaimo, to get your input and ideas. There was a review earlier this year by the independent BC Ferry Commissioner highlighting some serious financial challenges like declining ridership and falling revenue. The commissioner specifically recommended the government, BC Ferries, ferry users and the public be...

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Celebrating Connections on National Aboriginal Day

Journeys can take many roads. They can be travelled by land or water, they can be physical or emotional or a combination of all of these things. For the First Nations of British Columbia, the journey toward cultural understanding with western culture has been a long and emotional one. It has taken many routes across our beautiful province in order to find recognition and build a brighter future for its people. The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has had...

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