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How Do You Move 546 Tonnes? Massive Load Travels Mountain Road

pilot care with load

A transport company spent more than two months planning the move of six extremely large pressurized tanks from Genelle, B.C. to the U.S. border at Porthill, Idaho. It’s only a 148-kilometre drive, but it wasn’t so simple with each load weighing 91 tonnes! Mining company Tech Cominco had sold the cylindrical vessels and was shipping them to a buyer in North Dakota, for use in a natural gas plant. Davey Cartage Ltd., a Surrey, B.C.-based hauler of bridge girders...

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Commercial Vehicle Safety Enforcement at Work

Commercial Vehicle Safety Enforcement

We partnered with Delta police and other agencies to conduct a safety blitz. The event, lasting from April 19 to April 21, focused on making sure commercial trucks are maintained and operated safely. As part of their thorough inspections, CVSE staff will be checking truck tires, brakes, lights, windshields and steering components. They’ll also be making sure loads are secure and driver documents are in order. A good reminder to do a pre-check before travelling. This blitz is just...

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Seasonal Load Limits: A Heavy Topic

Hefty Loads Can Damage Spring Roads These photos illustrate why every spring, the ministry sets seasonal load limits on certain highways, for heavy vehicles. This truck was headed northbound on Highway 97 with a load of steel balls for a mine, in April 2006. It met the commercial load restrictions at the time for the highway. However, after parking on an adjoining municipal road for a few minutes, the truck and its load sunk into the road. During the...

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How Much Load Can That Road Hold?

In spring, as temperatures begin to rise, roads start to weaken. The thawing releases water in the road, that can’t drain efficiently, if the surrounding soil remains frozen. This reduces the road’s ability to support heavy loads, so the ministry puts seasonal load limits on certain roads, or stretches of road, for heavy vehicles. White signs are posted on the road, advising of seasonal load limits for the area. This information is also posted on DriveBC and at Commercial...

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