Information on the work the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure does to improve wildlife safety and mitigation on our highways.

Why Did the Frog Cross the Road? A National Wildlife Week Tale

Toads and Frogs in BC

National Wildlife Week is a great time to remind travelers to be careful and watch out for wildlife along our roads. But we also want to mark the occasion by sharing a story with you about one species we encountered with an unstoppable drive to travel. I’m sure you’ve probably encountered some form of wildlife in your travels – a deer, a rabbit, a moose or a bear. Something large and easily seen. But there are a lot of...

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Ewwwwww, Watch Out for Those Creepy Crawlers – It’s Tick Season

Warm Weather and Tick Season

Well now that warmer temperatures have arrived in some areas, so have some of the other little creatures we expect to see each spring, in particular, ticks. Just the other day, one of our field staff advised that ticks have recently been spotted, out in the Lillooet area.   Since our first notification a couple weeks ago, others have reported coming in contact with these dastardly creatures around the interior and south coast. Although this may seem to be...

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