Going Green

Updates and behind the scenes information around our environmental initiatives, projects and programs, including wildlife mitigation, biking, Adopt-a-Highway and more.

Stop the Invasion – We Want You…to Adopt a Highway

You may not be aware, but there is a quiet invasion going on out there! Now we’re not talking about invaders from space. More like Black Henbane, Giant Hogweed and Scotch Broom, but these invaders are spreading fast, and they’re doing their best to take over our roadsides. That’s why this year the ministry included invasive plant management in to our Adopt a Highway program. The introduction of invasive plant management puts B.C. ahead of the curve in invasive...

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Car Care Month: Seven Steps to Fuel Savings

  May is Car Care Month, and giving your vehicle a little extra love can get you maximum gas mileage, and maybe leave some money in your pocket: Ensure you have a well-fitted gas cap – Damaged, ill-fitting or missing gas caps cause gasoline to vaporize from your tank. About 17 per cent of vehicles on the road have gas caps that are damaged or loose, or have no gas caps at all. Replace your spark plugs regularly –...

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Take Care in “Caribou Corridor”

If you are travelling over Kootenay Pass on Highway 3, you could see the majestic mountain caribou. A small herd of about 40 animals travels year-round across the pass summit. To reduce the chances of close encounters of the collision kind, warning signs have been installed in the seven-kilometre area. The B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and the Ministry of Environment developed the enhanced signs for the “Caribou Corridor,” to protect motorists and this species at risk. Large...

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Make Way for Earth Day

Greener Options to Travel

On April 22nd, people from all over the world will celebrate Earth Day. And in honour of the event, we want to highlight some of the things we’re doing that help the province reduce their carbon footprint. A focus on the environment might not be the first thing you associate with a transportation ministry. After all; we’re just about building roads and working to make our highways safe, right? Well, yes, we do those things, but we are also...

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Why Did the Frog Cross the Road? A National Wildlife Week Tale

Toads and Frogs in BC

National Wildlife Week is a great time to remind travelers to be careful and watch out for wildlife along our roads. But we also want to mark the occasion by sharing a story with you about one species we encountered with an unstoppable drive to travel. I’m sure you’ve probably encountered some form of wildlife in your travels – a deer, a rabbit, a moose or a bear. Something large and easily seen. But there are a lot of...

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Ewwwwww, Watch Out for Those Creepy Crawlers – It’s Tick Season

Warm Weather and Tick Season

Well now that warmer temperatures have arrived in some areas, so have some of the other little creatures we expect to see each spring, in particular, ticks. Just the other day, one of our field staff advised that ticks have recently been spotted, out in the Lillooet area.   Since our first notification a couple weeks ago, others have reported coming in contact with these dastardly creatures around the interior and south coast. Although this may seem to be...

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