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Our Geoscientists Dig Deep to Keep BC Highways Moving Safely

What the heck is a Geoscientist and how does the work they do help highway travel in BC? It’s National Geoscience and Engineering Month in Canada and to recognize that, we reached out to Alexandra McGladrey, G.I.T. to chat and learn more about the great work that our she and other geoscientists on staff do. Alexandra joined the ministry through our Engineer-In-Training/Geoscientist-In- Training program and gave us tonnes of great insight into the role… March is National Engineering and...

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Your Top TranBC Engineering Stories

In Canada, we celebrate National Engineering and Geoscience Month in March, highlighting the importance of engineering as a career and its impact on our daily lives. Engineering is such a HUGE part of what we do at the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. From wildlife overpasses to Port Mann cable collars to rip rap to speed limits, it’s all covered with an engineering expertise. To showcase some of the work we do, we collected some of our most popular...

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