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Science and TranBC Part 1 of 2: A Highway That Talks to Your Vehicle?

Science with TranBC

Today and tomorrow, April 11 and 12, Prince George Civic Centre is hosting the Year of Science Expo where TranBC will be taking part in the exhibits and the career roundtable. By working with leaders in the science and resource community, the two day Expo is intended to help raise awareness and promote a passion for science to better prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s jobs Science? Transportation? What’s the connection? After all, doesn’t TranBC mostly pave highways and build...

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LED Warning Signs Improve Safety

Highway 3 near Skagit Bluffs (which is about 40 km east of Hope) can be a challenging drive, especially in the eastbound direction where there are tight turns and steep embankments. The posted speed along this section of highway is 80 km/h, but there is an advisory speed sign of 50 km/h posted about 100 m west of the bluffs. Even still, there have been a number of motor vehicle accidents where drivers have been travelling too fast and...

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Welcome to TranBC!

BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

Today we’re launching TranBC, a place for the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to share stories about our work we hope you’ll enjoy. On this page, you’ll find photos and videos from our crews in the field, profiles of cool technology, answers to common questions we receive, surprises from insiders, and more. We’ll add new material as often as we can, so be sure to visit often. If there’s a topic you want to see us cover, we want...

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