BC Infrastructure

Building Barriers to Boost Highway Safety

You’ll often hear it said that safety is our top priority. And there’s a good reason for that. It’s true. Regardless of whether we’re designing, building or maintaining our roads and bridges, we want to make sure people can get where they’re going safely. We have a lot of different ways of doing that, but barriers might be one of the most familiar. You’ve seen concrete barriers and guard rails lining our highways, but cable barriers are also gaining...

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LED Warning Signs Improve Safety

Highway 3 near Skagit Bluffs (which is about 40 km east of Hope) can be a challenging drive, especially in the eastbound direction where there are tight turns and steep embankments. The posted speed along this section of highway is 80 km/h, but there is an advisory speed sign of 50 km/h posted about 100 m west of the bluffs. Even still, there have been a number of motor vehicle accidents where drivers have been travelling too fast and...

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