Tips and How Tos

Some suggestions and best practices when travelling BC highways to get you to your destination safely.

Know Before You Go

Driving on Long Weekend

Be Ready for Long Weekend Traffic The long weekend has arrived, bringing warmer weather along with it. Fingers-crossed that most parts of the province will get sunshine and blue skies to enjoy. The long weekend also brings a higher volume of traffic as people travel to their weekend destinations. Planning your route with up-to-date road information will go a long way toward saving you time, trouble, and reducing stress. DriveBC can provide you with route updates, details of closures...

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Round and Round We Go – Rules of the Roundabout

Roundabouts. They’ve been used successfully for decades throughout the world, and they’re becoming an increasingly popular way to control traffic in British Columbia, too. For a variety of situations, such as a considerable volume of traffic making left hand turns at an intersection or a significant history of collisions, a roundabout is a preferred choice rather than traditional intersections. Roundabouts reduce the potential for a serious crashes, like being t-boned or hit head on. In fact, studies have shown...

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Ewwwwww, Watch Out for Those Creepy Crawlers – It’s Tick Season

Warm Weather and Tick Season

Well now that warmer temperatures have arrived in some areas, so have some of the other little creatures we expect to see each spring, in particular, ticks. Just the other day, one of our field staff advised that ticks have recently been spotted, out in the Lillooet area.   Since our first notification a couple weeks ago, others have reported coming in contact with these dastardly creatures around the interior and south coast. Although this may seem to be...

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