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Do I Need to Chain Up?

Yes and Maybe The first time I ever tried to put chains on my car was in a snowed-in mountainside parking lot. My fingers froze, the sun sank lower, and when I finally got the chains fastened, I crept down the snowy road with gritted teeth, wondering if I’d done it right. Trust me, you want to learn how to put chains on your vehicle before the need arises. If you need practice, then watch this video guide and...

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The Tow Plow – Clearing More Lanes in Less Time

A tow plow being pulled behind a plow truck

If you’re driving in the Castlegar or Golden during the winter months, keep an eye out for tow plows being used by our maintenance contractor in the area. A tow plow is a trailer that attaches behind a traditional plow truck. The plow truck driver can angle the tow plow into the next lane, making it possible to clear two lanes in a single pass. While the trailer may look wide and difficult to handle, the tow plow is...

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Are You and Your Vehicle Ready for Winter?

Your favourite winter plans may involve ski resorts, stocking stuffers, or tropical beaches. But make sure your vehicle is ready for the winter too. How many of these steps have you taken so far this season? My vehicle has: winter windshield wipers winter tires in good condition a topped-up water reservoir a winter survival kit. See the full checklist here on our Shift into Winter website and stay safe.

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