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Information of interest to commuters, tourists and recreational drivers in rural and urban BC.

Know Before You Go

Driving on Long Weekend

Be Ready for Long Weekend Traffic The long weekend has arrived, bringing warmer weather along with it. Fingers-crossed that most parts of the province will get sunshine and blue skies to enjoy. The long weekend also brings a higher volume of traffic as people travel to their weekend destinations. Planning your route with up-to-date road information will go a long way toward saving you time, trouble, and reducing stress. DriveBC can provide you with route updates, details of closures...

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TranBC vs. The Mountain

  B.C.’s mountains offer spectacular scenery, but they can also make building and maintaining our roads a lot more challenging. One of the reasons for this is rock fall. Rock fall occurs naturally and has many causes, including water pressure, ice jacking, tree roots growing in cracks, erosion and even animal activity. And while rock fall can occur any time, we generally see an increase between February and April when we get lots of rain and frequent cycles of...

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Ewwwwww, Watch Out for Those Creepy Crawlers – It’s Tick Season

Warm Weather and Tick Season

Well now that warmer temperatures have arrived in some areas, so have some of the other little creatures we expect to see each spring, in particular, ticks. Just the other day, one of our field staff advised that ticks have recently been spotted, out in the Lillooet area.   Since our first notification a couple weeks ago, others have reported coming in contact with these dastardly creatures around the interior and south coast. Although this may seem to be...

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Crack Sealing – Smoothing the Cracks of Age

Water is a road’s worst enemy and crack sealing is our first defence against pavement deterioration. Each year we perform approximately 2 million lineal metres of crack sealing, enough to fill a crack between Vancouver, BC and Thunder Bay, ON. Crack sealing extends the life of pavement by preventing water from getting below the surface and causing damage. Liquid asphalt filler is applied in the spring to seal cracks that developed from winter wear and tear. This filler expands...

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Our Maintenance Contractors are Sweeping Away Winter

Street sweeping

Spring cleaning isn’t just for home; we do it on our roads too! Over the colder, snowy months, winter abrasives have accumulated along the shoulders of our roads. We’re hoping winter’s done with us but there may yet be a few more weeks to come – depending on where you live. We are watching the weather and as soon as spring firmly takes hold, crews will be out sweeping away the reminder of how cold and long winter has...

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Winter Traction – Why Small Rocks, Instead of Sand

winter maintenance

Home owners can treat icy sidewalks with sand, but on a slippery highway, whipping winds and passing trucks can blow away light material within minutes. Instead, when there’s a need for extra traction, our maintenance contractors often rely on a carefully prepared mixture of gravel and crushed stone. The industry term for it is “winter abrasive.” The particles in this mix need to be heavy enough to stay on the road in a wind, large enough not to vanish...

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LED Warning Signs Improve Safety

Highway 3 near Skagit Bluffs (which is about 40 km east of Hope) can be a challenging drive, especially in the eastbound direction where there are tight turns and steep embankments. The posted speed along this section of highway is 80 km/h, but there is an advisory speed sign of 50 km/h posted about 100 m west of the bluffs. Even still, there have been a number of motor vehicle accidents where drivers have been travelling too fast and...

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Do I Need to Chain Up?

Yes and Maybe The first time I ever tried to put chains on my car was in a snowed-in mountainside parking lot. My fingers froze, the sun sank lower, and when I finally got the chains fastened, I crept down the snowy road with gritted teeth, wondering if I’d done it right. Trust me, you want to learn how to put chains on your vehicle before the need arises. If you need practice, then watch this video guide and...

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