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A look at the ministry’s most popular website, DriveBC and the technology we use to keep you safe and moving. .

Why Some BC Highway Webcams Can Go Down in Winter

When Old Man Winter makes his reappearance across the province in the fall, it’s time to make the shift into winter. Did you know that some of our BC Highway Cams have to make the shift into winter too? It’s true. Many of our cams are close to local power sources, making it easier for them to transmit data in all kinds of weather. But some of our more remote cams don’t have power close by and rely on...

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3 Things You Need To Know About How We Update Information on DriveBC

DriveBC is our most popular website and it’s easy to see why. It’s the place you go to find out everything you need to know about road conditions and events across the province and to make informed decisions about travelling, before you head out on the highway. Recently, you asked us how and when information is updated on the site. It’s a good question and one we are happy to answer (along with a couple of other questions sent...

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Tell TranBC

What Do You Want to Know More About? Are you looking for something on TranBC but can’t find it? Or have a question about what the ministry does and why we do it? Share your question with us and we’ll try to get you an answer. Who knows – your question could be our next blog! Thank you – we couldn’t do this without YOU.

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Little Hands a Big Help in Habitat Restoration at Oliver Creek

Students of Palsson Elementary School in Lake Cowichan, BC, got together recently to plant native trees at Oliver Creek as part of a two-phase restoration project led by our Environmental Management group. The first phase included restoring fish passage through a culvert crossing on Youbou Road. The second phase, scheduled to happen later this year, will include correcting another culvert at Grosskleg Way in Lake Cowichan, and restoring a side channel downstream. We didn’t do it alone however, some...

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New BC HighwayCams: Fraser Valley and Up North

It must be spring, because new BC HighwayCams are popping up here, there and everywhere. Travellers in the Fraser Valley will appreciate two new cams with a total of eight views (four each) just launched on Highway 1 at 232nd and 264th Avenues. Here is the easterly cam for 232nd: And here is the northerly cam for 232nd: BC Highway 16 also just came alive at Tete Jaune Cache. Looking good out there! We are always adding to our...

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Hello Whistler: New Sea to Sky Highway Webcam

Today, we went LIVE with a new view of our provincial highways. This one is located on the Sea to Sky Highway, at the intersection of Highway 99 and Village Gate Boulevard, and gives BC travellers three views: north, south and east. The Resort Municipality of Whistler partnered with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and funded the installation of the new highway webcam. The number of highway cams continue to rise. We’re currently at almost 300 camera locations...

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DriveBC Tutorial Videos: Road Conditions and Events

DriveBC Tutorial

The DriveBC tutorial series continues with our latest in the series . This episode focuses on helping you navigate and organize the road conditions and events listings. Hopefully this tutorial helps you find your way using DriveBC. If you have any questions, there’s a good chance the answer is on our frequently asked questions page. If not, please connect with us via email or in the comments section below. Safe travels, and be sure to know before you go...

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What’s up with the Duffey Lake Road Webcam?

*UPDATE November 19, 2014: Our Highway Cam Guy completed the installation of a new camera on Duffey Lake Road yesterday. The updated cam uses more advanced technology that has recently become available. This will eliminate our need to fly to the mountain top when things go awry as the equipment will be available for servicing at the road side. You love BC Highway Cams and so do we. Our network of more than 400 webcam views of BC highways...

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5 Things That Make Traffic Signals Change


Green. Yellow. Red. Green… What makes traffic light signals change? Traffic signals are Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) designed to allow vehicles to safely cross paths while maintaining an efficient flow of traffic. To do this, traffic signals react to the presence of the vehicles and pedestrians they are guiding. Although you probably don’t notice it, each mode of transportation interacts with traffic signals in a unique way. Here are the five main traffic light triggers. 1. Passenger vehicles Ministry...

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The Web Cam You Won’t See on DriveBC

While we have close to 300 web cams offering a total of almost 400 views that motorists use for safe travel in B.C., there’s one web cam with a special job that you won’t see. You won’t see the web cam alongside Highway 31 north of Kaslo, on DriveBC, because its focus isn’t road conditions – it’s Lardeau Bluffs, which loom high above the road along Kootenay Lake. Avalanche technicians with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure use the...

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