Information on careers in the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, job profiles and stories.

TranBC Student Winners Support Science and Innovation

Future Engineers in Training and Technician Entry Level positions

Pavement and gravel. Concrete and steel. Fundamentally, building roads and bridges sounds straightforward, but there’s more to it than you might think. There’s everything from geotechnical and environmental sciences to structural, seismic, traffic and electrical engineering, just to name a few of the disciplines needed to build highway infrastructure. Keeping up with the latest advancements in science and technology is vital to keeping our roads as safe as possible, and we do what we can to encourage up and...

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TranBC Meet Science, Science Meet TranBC – Part 2 of 2

Last month, there was a two day Expo for the Year of Science at the Prince George Civic Centre where TranBC participated in the fair’s exhibits and career round table. Did you know that the majority of the jobs held at the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure combine science with transporation? Well, they do. At the Expo, our exhibit highlighted the wide range of science and technology careers within the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and some of the...

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