This is What You Liked Most in 2016

A disaster, time-machines, intrepid bridge workers, and a great Canadian invention. Yes, that sounds like the formula for a sci-fi action film. It also happens to be your top picks of tweets, photos, videos, and blogs that we shared with you in 2016.

Here’s a rundown of the best of what made you ooooh, aaahhh, click, tap, and share this year:




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On June 15 a torrential downpour washed out several sections of Highway 97 and rail lines through the Pine Pass in the Peace Region. You shared this post, featuring a photo taken by our crews, over 6000 times and left nearly 500 comments on our page.

Despite the devastation, we were able to fully reopen the highway in just over a week.






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Some of the first modern zippers were made in Canada. So, it’s no surprise that this road safety visual resonated with so many of you:

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You visited our YouTube channel this year to experience what it’s like to move a bridge and watch what cougars do on highways. But what you viewed most in 2016 was a video we created from 50 year-old photologs.

Our 16mm dashcam views of BC highways in 1966 captured the essence of road trips of yesteryears with #nofilters. Photographed four years after the completion of the Trans Canada Highway linking BC to the rest of Canada, the photolog video you viewed over 30,000 times takes you on a nostalgic two-lane journey from Lytton to Revelstoke, passing by canyons, construction crews, and pit stops.

50 years and countless safety improvements later, we’re hard at work expanding this vital transportation route to four lanes.






From construction projects like the Evergreen Line completed this year to winter maintenance, Flickr is the place you go to see the most complete sets of images and videos of our crews and contractors at work.

The most viewed image on our Flickr page was also featured in the most popular post on Facebook. The approximately 3000 residents of Chetwynd experienced 130 mm of rain over two days in June, smashing records and resulting in flooding that knocked out nearby road traffic along Highway 97 and the adjacent rail line.

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We love sharing your photos of routes well and less travelled in BC and showcasing the work we do throughout our province.

Your most loved Instagram shot this year was of our dutiful de-icing crews on top of the Alex Fraser bridge in December. Unusual snowfalls and temperatures led to reports of ice and snow damaging the windshields of cars driving along the 30 year-old bridge spanning the Fraser River in Delta. We continued to deployed crews that applied anti-icing solution on the bridge cross beams in anticipation of more stormy weather and committed to finding a long term solution to increase safety.

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You like visiting our blogs to suggest ways of improving transportation in BC and to get more context on stories that matter to you than social media can provide.

Our most popular blog in 2016 gave you the inside track on the Hope to Lytton BC Highway 1 time machine, another photolog from 1966 that we converted to a video. Crossing the Fraser River and through several tunnels, we explained why some of the most difficult and expensive highway construction work in Canada had to be undertaken through the Fraser Canyon.


Here’s some of what you had to say about the blog:

A BIG thank you for making this year memorable. Your comments, likes, shares, re-tweets, and reactions let us know what’s important to you and helps us serve you better.

Here’s to many more shared moments in 2017! We want to hear from you!

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