How BikeBC Supports Cycling Infrastructure

We know you love to ride your bicycle and our BikeBC program helps municipalities fund their cycling initiatives, getting you on your bike. How does funding work? Creating and maintaining cycling infrastructure within towns and cities in BC is the responsibility of local governments and BikeBC supports their efforts. Every year, BikeBC invites municipalities and First Nations to apply for money to pay for the construction of new cycling initiatives in their communities. There is a 50/50 cost-share split. So, if a project’s proposed costs are $2 million, BikeBC will pay up to $1 million of eligible work. What projects are eligible? Projects are selected for funding based on which applications meet BikeBC’s goals of promoting cycling as a form of transportation such as to and from work, promoting tourism cycling, creating healthy living environments, and reducing  traffic congestion and cutting greenhouse gas emissions through safe and effective cycling infrastructure. How are applications evaluated? All applications submitted by the deadline and meeting the eligibility requirements and other funding criteria are awarded points based on the program’s selection criteria. We evaluate the project based on how it improves the safety for cyclists. Separated bike paths get priority followed by cyclist/pedestrian bridges … Continue reading How BikeBC Supports Cycling Infrastructure