How To Tell BC’s Story with a Stop of Interest Sign

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LATEST UPDATE: this public engagement is no longer open

Our province has so many stories to tell; historic, impactful stories that show the diversity, pride, quirkiness and impact of British Columbia’s people, places and historical events. To share those stories, we’re refreshing and rejuvenating the BC Stop of Interest signs…and we need your help.

We’re looking to take this on in two ways; first, to renew some of our older signs, and second, to create new ones that reflect the local stories and cultures that are part of British Columbia.

Why the Refresh and Why Now?

We did an inventory and a review of the 139 existing signs last year (fall of 2015) and found 75 per cent of them either require repairs or reinstallation. In some cases, they need to be replaced because the language is out of date. Really, really out of date. So we’ll work to update these signs and start replacing them this fall.

Your Suggestions Here

Bristish Columbia tourismWe’re also asking you to provide your suggestions for about 75 new signs, sharing your local stories that mark a special place in BC’s history. It’s a great way to demonstrate our provincial pride, to enrich the trip for travellers, and show off BC as a premier tourism destination and great place to do business.

Visit the website and nominate places, events or people that you think could be showcased. (In the case of people, they must have been deceased for 30 years). Give us the essentials — the who, what, when, where and why of the story. Attaching scanned photos or other supporting documents will also help us review your suggestion. We’re accepting submissions from Sept. 26, 2016, to Jan. 31, 2017, to make sure you have your say in that time.

What We’re Looking for in New Stop of Interest Signs

Once you share your suggested story, it will be reviewed by a panel based on specific criteria. These include:

  • Completion of the online form explaining your reason for the nomination.
    • The impact the person, place or event has had on the lives of British Columbians.
    • What makes this an interesting stop of interest — any extraordinary circumstances or challenges the person, place or event has faced.
    • If it’s an individual, they must have been deceased more than 30 years.
    • How it’s of outstanding interest to the travelling public, both tourists and British Columbians.
    • A consideration that new signs are evenly distributed around the province, between all regions.

A Little History

The Stop of Interest signage program was introduced in 1958, to commemorate the Colony of BC’s centenary and recognize significant historical places, people and events. More than 100 signs were erected from the 1950s through the 1990s. Click for a map listing Stops of Interest signs.

We’re really looking forward to hearing your suggestions and to your help to kickstart this program, and show off why BC is such a colourful place to live and visit.SOI_Sign

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  1. Where do I find what’s on Viewpoint signs? In particular, there’s one that’s about 3 mi. SE of Telkwa, on Highway 16. I was wondering if it mentions the town of Hubert, that was across the river. That town was short-lived; they gave up on it, when a 2nd bridge was destroyed by ice, in 1919; the first bridge was destroyed, by ice, in 1918.

    The town was originally chosen to be the Divisional Point for the Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad. After that, they built on a swamp, below Hudson Bay Mountain, and called it Smithers. Land speculators were responsible for that.

    Actually, Hubert was named for Hubert Smithers, son of Sir Alfred Waldron Smithers who the town of Smithers was named after.

    • Hi Laura,

      Thanks for the spreadsheet listing BC Stop of Interest signs. It closely resembles an inventory we did some time ago, when we first put out the call to the public, to suggest new signs.

      In all, we received more than 500 submissions for new signs between September 26, 2016 and January 31, 2017. We are currently restoring, repairing or replacing approximately 100 existing signs and will be installing up to 75 new signs based on input from the public.

      Watch here for ongoing announcements about new Stop of Interest signs that highlight the people, places and cultures that have shaped BC’s remarkable history:

  2. What happened to the submission made a year ago on the OGOPOGO ISLAND viewpoint on Highway 97 just south of Peachland?

    • Hello Terence and thank you for connecting with us here. There is an existing Stop of Interest sign about Ogopogo which we plan on refreshing, however we need to to do some stakeholder engagement and consultation before we can move forward on that. Hope that this helps!

  3. Manson Creek famous gold mine town still active mining going on . I know I am late but hope you will consider us. as a stop of interest as we have an Historical Society with many members. We have many historic buildings Hudson Bay Post ,old town buildings , cemetery , museum , monument to old time mining inspector , chapel and lots more history at or registered historic town site . We are lacking a stop of interest recognition sign , lots of company over christmus and still woking time fiew by .Our mailing address is Manson Creek Historic Society , Box 520 , Fort Saint James , BC V0J 1PO

    • Hi Ann,

      Unfortunately, the intake for submissions is now closed. 🙁
      Your town sounds wonderful though – is it possible someone else might have submitted on your behalf?

  4. How about an app for your smartphone with all the historical points of interest and viewpoints etc along all the Bc highways.

  5. Well, that is a very interesting fact!
    *White Rock Pier – the longest wooden pier in Canada*
    This would be a fantastic slogan for White Rock tourism advertising purposes.

  6. I always stop whenever I can when we see these signs! We don’t travel nearly as quickly as other people do to their destinations, but we have fun and learn lots! My kids end up enjoying travelling much more than I did when it was nonstop between points on our vacations.

  7. ny Dad passed away this year & I found his book which he dated 1986. I had no idea he had this & had marked in a coloured highlighter the ones he had seen in his life. I have taken on this book & am doing mine in a different colour to continue the tradition. Im learning alot about the province’s history & i a neat legacy for our family.

  8. Ok these signs of interest are great and all…but I’d like to suggest an addition to them. How about placing a smartphone readable QR code to link to more information on the web about the specific spot? Probably be useful in areas where cell data is available. Just an idea is all.