How New Maintenance Contracts Will Make Highways Better

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Since the privatization of highway maintenance in BC, we’ve governed the level of service required from our contractors through our Maintenance Contract Agreements.  However, in the 27 years since highway maintenance was privatized, there have been substantial changes both in the industry and in public expectations. We’ve recently renewed the maintenance contract for the East Kootenay service area and the language in this new contract will be the starting point for all of our maintenance contracts around the province as they come up for renewal over the next three years.

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This new contract has improved language, which will foster a better level of service by requiring the contractor to be more responsive. For example, the new contract requires the roads to be brought back to bare pavement sooner after a weather event.

What else has changed?

  • We’ve changed some winter maintenance specifications, such as: a reduction in time to reach bare and black pavement for -9oC and warmer, and encouraging a proactive approach to winter weather events.
  • We’ve increased the upset price (setting a maximum price) from the previous contract round to reflect changes in the level of winter maintenance over past 15 years. The upset price approach challenges contractors to provide the greatest amount of service for that price.
  • We aren’t limiting the number of service area contracts any one contractor can hold.
  • We’ve clarified ambiguous language in the Maintenance Contract Specifications and made an effort to reduce duplication.
  • We’ve clarified the definition of an emergency through a unified “Major Event” specification.
  • We have a requirement to control invasive plants.
  • There are provisions in the contract for additional sweeping along highways used by cyclists.

We constantly monitor the work of our maintenance contractors to ensure they are in line with the terms of their contract and are meeting our high standards. Contractors’ work is also assessed by local ministry staff within the service area and by the annual assessments of auditors from outside the service area. We also check with local stakeholders including emergency responders, elected officials and school bus operators.

TranBC Trivia

  • Our maintenance contractors maintain approximately 47,800 kilometres of road, and 2,800 bridges across the province.
  • There are over 2,000 contracted employees and hundreds of trucks and pieces of equipment working 24/7 to keep our highways open, safe and reliable.

Maintenance contractors provide a vital service in British Columbia by making sure that our roads, highways and bridges are safe for travel. We appreciate the work they do, often in difficult conditions. You can play an important part in keeping BC Highways safe too. Always check DriveBC before you travel and be sure to drive to road conditions. Do you have any questions about this or any other work the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure does? Let us know in the comments below. Safe travels all.

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  1. the maintennance of roads in our area of the Juan De fuca regional district has deteriorated to the point of being A BAD JOKE. Where we once saw maintennance equipment and crews we now see shinny pickup trucks and only getting repairs done after many complaints. Because of lack of maintennance our roads requiring constant repairs. People are fed up with Mainroad contracting and would like to see them replaced with a contractor that can do the job they are paid to do.

    • Hi Wally,

      Thanks for connecting with us here and sharing your concern. We have sent your comment forward to the local area manager for review.

  2. Lets see if this plan actually works, so far government contractors have repeatedly found ways to justify expensive job descriptions while reaping unlimited profits without ever meeting the full scope of the contracts.
    A simple example is tiring tow trucks for nominal sub=contractor rates from their friends, while still billing the full rate to the taxpayer.
    It’s time the government conducted a 100% independent review into the performance aspects of each contractor before considering awarding contracts to huge monopolies made up largely of former government employees, yes you know who they are…
    Taxpayers are tired of being raped by so called crown corporations, pet contractors and other’s who’s sole interest is to take the taxpayer for yet another ride.
    Lets see safety not slither! Cut costs not services…

  3. In the peace country , threre have been numerous passing lanes installed , but when it snows a little or a lot the fast lane is NEVER cleared . CRS should be made to do the whole road , or what is the point of installing all these passing lanes ?

    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks for connecting with us here and sharing your concern. Is there somewhere specifically in this area you are concerned about or are you just concerned generally with the clearing done by Cariboo Road Services?

  4. looks like an advertising campaign how many on site contract enforcement staff are on ministry staff to ensure the standards are met in line with public safety

    • Hello,

      Thanks for connecting with us here. We have sent your question forward to the local area manager for review.

    • Hello,

      There are currently 5 area managers on staff to monitor the performance of the maintenance contractor in this area.