Gorgeous View of a Safer Road 40 Near Lillooet

What a view! High above Bridge River, crews are putting the finishing touches on a new 17.5-metre-long, two-lane bridge to replace a deteriorating retaining wall on Road 40. The road is a crucial link between Lillooet and Gold Bridge, frequented by locals, tourists, commercial truck drivers and those from the forest and energy industries. Ministry staff shot this aerial footage of the work last month. The new bridge is expected to be open at the end of September 2015.

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  1. Dear Transbceditor,

    It has been awhile since your last update regarding Hurley River Road on September 21, 2015. Would you be able to provide a most recent update on any plan of basic paving and upgraded maintenance to be provided for Hurley River Road? We really hope the route can open year round. Thank you!

  2. Sure the work on Road 40 is nice and all, the question remains. When will the MOT completely take over and upgrade the Hurley Road? It’s a MUCH faster route from Pemberton to the Bridge River Valley. A basic paving and upgraded maintenance could possibly keep that route open year round.

    • Hi Ken,

      Hurley River Road ownership has recently changed hands from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations. Until last year, various sections fell under the authority of two different ministries. This change restores the Forest Service Road designation to the entire length of the road.

      As part of the transfer agreement, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure provided up to $110,000 for additional gravel, drainage, maintenance and other improvements this last summer season. This helped improve safety, reliability and the travelling experience for tourists and other summer road users. However, the road will remain unmaintained during the winter season and there will be no snowplowing on the road, regardless of the time of year.

      This means that the road will likely not be open until the snow melts, which could be June or July and we cannot confirm if there are plans to pave the road.

      Here is a link to the caucus news release for your information http://jackietegartmla.ca/newsreleases/hurley-river-road-ownership-changes-hands/
      – See more at: https://www.tranbc.ca/2013/06/19/hurley-river-road-cleared-for-your-outdoor-getaway/#sthash.gqf6X0Ra.dpuf