How You are Changing Signs on the South Fraser Perimeter Road

SFPR Eastbound

The South Fraser Perimeter Road (SFPR) is a new major provincial highway, and building it triggered travel pattern changes. Many of the original signs show local street names to help drivers with navigating the new highway and side road connections. Since opening the highway, about 18 months ago, we’ve been gathering feedback from you. Much of that feedback has to do with challenges understanding these signs.

We heard you, and we’re using your input to make changes.

Using your comments and suggestions, we plan to complement local street name information on many of these signs with information aimed at directing travellers to surrounding municipalities, bridge crossings, and other key destinations.

To help explain the changes that we’ll be making over the next few months, we’ve compiled some questions from you and answers from us.

Q. Driving north from South Delta, there is an exit sign that reads “Vancouver – USA border.” It’s technically accurate, since the lane splits a short distance further, but also confusing, since the two destinations are located in opposite directions along Highway 99.

A. This sign is placed to advise motorists that they are exiting one highway to access another that runs north-south. The additional signs that are in place after the exit direct motorists to their desired destinations on Highway 99. We will add other destinations including “Richmond” and “Surrey” to the exit sign to indicate that multiple locations can be accessed from this exit.

Q. The interchange of Highway 91, Highway 17 and the Alex Fraser Bridge is almost certain to tie you in knots.

A. Street names were previously mixed with destinations on overhead signs when the new highway opened to help motorists become familiar with the new street connections. We will install new sign messaging that will include New Westminster, North Delta, Richmond and Vancouver, as well as the Alex Fraser Bridge, to help direct drivers.

Q. Have you tried to find the City of Vancouver landfill in Delta via Highway 17? Good luck with that. Heading north from South Delta, you’ll encounter a sign to the dump but it’s impossible to access due to a line of concrete barriers.

A. The Vancouver Landfill exit sign referenced here is intended for traffic next to Highway 17, so the sign will be lowered and repositioned so Highway 17 travellers don’t mistake it as meant for them.  We will also place additional signs to the Vancouver Landfill corresponding with the City of Vancouver’s preferred routes (as is referenced on the Vancouver Landfill website).

Q. There are no signs telling drivers to turn right onto Scott Road to access Highway 17. There are no signs on Scott Road indicating Highway 17 runs parallel only metres away.

A. Signing for Highway 17 from Scott Road falls under the jurisdiction of the City of Surrey. We have contacted the municipality and will continue to work with the city regarding these concerns.

Q. On Highway 17 approaching the Pattullo Bridge there are no signs telling you to turn right onto Tannery Road or Old Yale Road to access Scott Road.

A. We have consulted the City of Surrey on this. Tannery Road, rather than Old Yale Road, is the municipality’s preferred route to access New Westminster from Highway 17 eastbound via Scott Road.  We will add signing on Highway 17 before the Tannery Road Interchange to direct New Westminster traffic to Pattullo Bridge. We’ll also work with the City of Surrey to add signs on their municipal road network.

Q. The signs directing drivers from the airport to Burnaby/New Westminster—or even to Highway 91—are non-existent.

A. We will be making improvements to signing indicating the next municipality along a route to help with navigation in the Lower Mainland.  From the YVR Airport in Richmond, we will add signing to adjacent municipalities, including: New Westminster, Vancouver, Surrey and Delta, as well as Highway 91.

Q. If one is heading eastbound on Highway 17 and wish to go to Surrey or Langley, where does one turn off? Only those who know the area know to turn at Highway 99. But the sign says Vancouver/USA border — no mention of Surrey or Langley.

A. The preferred routes to Surrey and Langley were determined following consultation with those municipalities. Signing to Surrey from Highway 17 is currently provided at Bridgeview Drive. Signage to Langley is currently provided from Highway 1 at 200th Street. We recognize there are regional benefits to providing alternative route messaging where multiple highways service municipalities with large geographic boundaries. So, additional signs will be installed on Highway 17 eastbound to indicate alternative routes to Surrey via Highway 99 south and Highway 17 east. Also, additional signing to Surrey and Langley via Highway 10 will be provided from Highway 99 southbound.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to send feedback about SFPR signage. Knowing your driving experiences is an important part of refining any new highway.

Our provincial highway network signs are essential to the safety of the traveling public. Our goal is to provide directions in a clear, concise and consistent manner.

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  1. On Hwy 17 eastbound, just east of the Delta-Surrey border, there is a new sign for the Patullo Bridge and New “Westmnster”, to use the next exit. I hope you didn’t pay the sign-making company for the missing “i”.
    Also, if you do take that next exit, there are actually two exits in one. 103 Ave exits first. Does traffic for New West take 103 Ave? Out of town drivers wouldn’t know the answer is No. The next sign for the Patullo Bridge isn’t until Tannery Road. Perhaps some clearer signage would help, such as “follow Tannery Rd”, instead of the ambiguous “next exit” when there are two different turn-offs in that exit.

    • Hi Scott,

      Good catch on the sign – we have shared that comment and the feedback on the SFPR with the local area office. Thanks!

    • Hello again Scott,

      Just wanted to let you know that the local area office is looking into correcting the sign mistake immediately – and yes, we won’t be paying for it. They also thank you for your suggestion around additional guidance signs to the Pattullo Bridge, for those drivers taking the 103rd/Tannery exit from Highway 17 (SFPR).

  2. Why is the only road sign for North Delta NORDEL WAY, AND USA BOARDER .

    These two exits not listed 72nd Ave. and 64th Ave. now even the GPS tells me to take Nordel Way I live three blocks in from 64th Ave. exit ramp why would I take Nordel Way.

    Absolutely crazy that I have to keep meeting up with friends with and without GPS and not knowing Delta, your signage has led them Kilometers (miles) out there way to bring them over to 64th Ave. which is only a couple of blocks from the freeway entrance and exit at 64th Ave.

    SIGN SHOULD READ, 72nd Ave Exit
    64th Ave Exit
    USA Boarder

    If you don’t know North Delta you would honestly believe that Nordel Way was the only exit into North Delta and if you follow the sign that simply says DELTA your winding up in Tswassen, Ladner or the Ferry Terminal. I found my self their twice trying to get the Delta Landfill and had to redirect relatives from Merrit that were unaware your sign DELTA really meant SOUTH DELTA I’ve lived in North Delta since 1977.

    Today in fact I had to drive to 88th & Scott Rd. to pick up a Cousin have her follow me to 64th Ave which becomes Kitson Park Way, having her follow me almost back down to the highway to my home.

    I would like to meet the Joker responsible

    • Hello Judy,

      Sorry to hear about your frustration. Could you tell us which highway and in which direction you would be travelling, in order to determine the signage you are referring to?

      Upcoming guide sign improvements are planned for the Hwy 17 (SFPR) corridor, and in particular North Delta and South Delta will be signed individually from SFPR when approaching the Nordel Way interchange. Both the 72nd Ave and 64th Ave exits are appropriately signed in advance when approaching from either direction along Highway 91. Hope that this helps!

  3. are there plans to remove the traffic light at the Nordel way connector and have an interchange instead. i have personally waited for 4 cycles of the lights waiting to get through there which almost negates any time savings over other routes.

    • Hi Roy – are you referring to 91C at Highway 17 or 91C at Nordel Way? Some refer to 91C as the Nordel Connector.