A New Sign of the Times: It Pays to Slow Down in the Cone Zone

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Please slow down in the cone zone.”

You might have heard us say these words before and with good reason: Construction zones can be full of countless unexpected hazards for workers and for you. It is in everyone’s best interest to slow down in the cone zone, in case you need to suddenly stop.

In order to “drive home” the understanding that speeding in construction zones is unacceptable, we changed the wording on our work zone speed sign to show you the minimum amount you can expect to pay out of pocket if you are caught speeding in the cone zone. Just how much? A fair amount actually.

Old work zone signThe new sign telling drivers exactly how much it will cost (at a minimum) to speed in a construction zone will be replacing the older signs which stated that “traffic fines double in work zones”.

Why the change? Well, sometimes, spelling it out helps people understand just how much is at stake.

Any other questions? Let us know in the comments below.

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