Top 14 Resources for National Trucking Week


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“Keep on Truckin’.”

“If you bought it, a truck brought it.”

“Big or small, truckers haul it all.”

It’s that time of year again where we highlight the importance of moving the economy and the men and women that make it happen, across Canada and in BC. Starting the first Sunday of every September, it’s National Trucking Week. We definitely aim to share useful information with truckers through our blog posts (they are one of our most important audiences) so we wanted to continue that focus by highlighting some of the top resources available for the industry. Whether you’re an active driver or curious about the profession, here are some handy links:

  1. Provincial Permit Centre – over the phone, email and online, get your permits for everything from highway crossing to oversize loads to motor fuel tax, and more.
  2. Commercial Vehicle Permits Online – remember that I just mentioned about permits online? Well here’s the direct link for new users to register, to login and tutorials on how to do so.
  3. Winter Tires and Trucks – as we get into colder temperatures in BC, it’s always good to have the right information about winter tires. Here’s our website to help with that.
  4. Seasonal Load Restrictions – sometimes loads are too heavy for the road, causing serious damage. Load restrictions help to prevent that from happening. This site will assist you in finding out where the restrictions are.
  5. Transport of Dangerous Goods – legislation and information around transporting dangerous goods. We work with the Federal Transport of Dangerous Goods (TDG) program.
  6. Vehicle Inspection Stations (Weigh Scales) – where are they? What are their hours? How do I contact them? Find it all here.
  7. Weigh2GoBC (Weigh-In-Motion and Automatic Vehicle Identification Technologies) – a great program to help you move through BC faster.
  8. Bulletins, Compliance Circulars, Forms and Notices – the latest news and updates to keep you informed and prepared.
  9. RoadSafetyBC (Road Safety Rules, Driver Medical Fitness, Prohibitions and Suspensions, Driver Improvement Programs) – formerly known as the Office of the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles, or OSMV, this resource helps to keep drivers’ safe and informed on what is legally expected of them
  10. BC Trucking Association – an organization representing more than 1000 trucking and motor coach companies in our province.
  11. Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) – licensing, claims, insurance, safety awareness and crime prevention. And a heck of a lot more.
  12. Shift into Winter – safety first. Winter tires are big part of being prepared for colder weather driving but so is education around how to drive and what to bring with you (or whether you should be driving at all)
  13. North American Fatigue Management Program – a leading site on fatigue management to keep you informed and help you stay awake…and safe.
  14. Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement (Home Page) – this is the home page for our CVSE branch, which includes a lot of these links but also a whole lot more. Check it out to get up to speed on trucking in BC.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA), working with the provincial trucking associations, announced National Trucking Week 2014 will take place this week. It’s a great reminder of the importance of trucking and, as the CTA states on their website, “to recognize the important contributions made by the 400,000 Canadian men and women who keep the country’s freight moving.”

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