VSA Maintenance: Clearing the Way to Cleaner Roads

VSA is the maintenance contractor that looks after highways around Lytton and Merritt, including the Coquihalla.

They’re always on the lookout for ways to improve how they do things, and they recently found a new way to keep the highways clean.

The machine they’ve developed was made in partnership with Tanguay, a company from Quebec. It’s called the SA 150, and it’s basically a super sweeper, allowing VSA to sweep highways faster with less impact to traffic.

Just how super is this sweeper? Well, before we get into too much detail here, let me introduce Gary Zecchel. Gary is the CEO of VSA Maintenance, and we asked him to talk about the new sweeper, how it came about and what it means for travellers.

What do you think about the new sweeper?

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