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  1. Hello,

    I am a student of Civil Engineering at Camosun College in Victoria, BC. I am writing a paper on controlled blasting and I would like to use a video clip of avalanche control. Do you have any particularly impressive video clips that are less than 30 seconds? May I have permission to use one?

    Thank you,

  2. I have a complaint when I phone drivebc. I use to only push one button on my phone to get to major events and it worked fine Now with the new promps I have to hit 4 different promps to get to major events which takes me at least four times as long and that’s only for one highway and you have to wait for the voice to almost finish what he is saying or it doesn’t work. As I am a trucker travelling many different highways in one day I would rather have one number to hit for all major events on all highways like it used to be. I like the old way much better.

    • Thanks for your feedback, Steve. We’re always working on making our services and features better. In regards to the changes, we made them to comply with hands-free legislation.
      There is one thing to note: you can interrupt the system. We designed it so users can “barge in” and declare “highways” right away and then go from there. It is true that there may be a few more steps now, but the goal is to give you more specific information instead of a very long list. Hopefully that helps. Really appreciate the comment.

  3. I recently found information on the Sumas/Huntingdon border NEXUS lane expansion and what a great surprise! I hope the construction gets going soon and completed quickly! YAY!