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  1. We recently travelled No 1 from Sicamous to Golden (and beyond) by motorhome. We noted that there are a few roadside turnouts, but there is no signage alerting drivers to their locations. Signage such as “Roadside Turnout -1Km on right” would be very helpful. We were looking for a pullout but because of the winding nature of the roads we were often unable to pull off because they “surprised” us. We noticed in Alberta that such signage exists all along No 1 making it easy to plan a stop in an orderly manner.
    Thank you

  2. Clarification with signage regarding u turns at Hwy 10 and 144 st Surrey BC
    Residents on the south side of Hwy 10 can use the turn signal and lane on Hwy 10 and King George to head east on Hwy 10 to access homes but are no longer allowed to use the arrow and left lane at Hwy 10 and 144 St to head west on Hwy 10. This was contrary to information during open houses for the Hwy 10 expansion. King George and 24/32 areas seem to be exempt for business purposes. Long time residents must now turn right head south through a new subdivision and merge uphill into fast moving traffic on King George Hwy northward back to Hwy 10. Alternatively, turn left at Hwy 10 and 144 and head north to 60 ave through school zones and multiple housing back to King George and then to Hwy 10 westward. A simple sign allowing residential U turns much like slow moving vehicle signs on ladner trunk portion of Hwy 10 or not blocking residential access on 72 ave/alex Fraser or hidden driveway signage on 56 ave rural Langley. It’s all about working and living together.

  3. Could someone contact the Cam Maintenance dept and tell them the North and South Camera at Mill Bay both have the same picture. The NORTH Camera picture is missing and there was a big back up today and I could not see if it is clear yet. Thanks, Ken
    ps I do not twitter, face book etc. just email.

  4. I am looking for a graphic of some sort that highlights the bits and pieces of the “Pacific Gateway” (i.e., what is it, what is encompasses, its projects, etc.). Because this is a joint-strategy between the provincial and federal governments, is the strategy branded more correctly as “Canada’s Pacific Gateway” or “BC’s Pacific Gateway”? Is there actually a difference between the two?

    After doing some research, would it be accurate to say that “Canada’s Pacific Gateway” is the same as “Canada’s Asia-Pacific Gateway” (aka the Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative)?

    Also, I hope to find other graphics, brochures, or definition reports to explain the differences and similarities (i.e., the connections) between the “Gateway Program”, the “Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative”, and the “Pacific Gateway”? If possible, it would be appreciated if the Ministry could also highlight where the Pacific Gateway Alliance and how other similar organizations/councils contribute to the Gateway as a whole.

    I hope that these graphics, amongst other resources, can better showcase the Gateway plan and its projects in its entirety.

    • Hi Tony,

      We have an in depth answer for you as well as a graphic for you and will send you them both via email.