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  1. I would like your department to fix the pot holes properly on the number 1 highway, west bound from the Agassiz Harrison exit to Annis Road. The holes have been over filled making them more dangerous.
    Neil MacLean

  2. Where can I find the road type classification map for North Okanagan, and the snow removal response time for various road classifications?

    • Good afternoon Ted,

      Please use iMap –

      and follow these instructions for finding winter classifications in your area:

      Select the tab at the top that says Data Sources, then choose add provincial layers. Scroll down to the bottom of the list to Transportation, click on the plus sign beside it. Then scroll down to Ministry of Transportation – Linear Inventory and select. Then choose Road maintenance class winter. Zoom into the area you are wondering about. To the right of the selection MOT – road maintenance class winter is a small icon. If you click on the icon, the legend of colours and letter classification will be listed. Let me know if you need further information and we will be happy to help.

  3. It has been made nearly impossible to make a complaint about road maintenance in this province. Where is a centralized complaint system / email address/ website to make sure that current info on road conditions that consumers are concerned about are shared with contractors AS WELL as MOTH? I think this used to exist. A link would be appreciated.

  4. Why are vehicles being allowed to approach oncoming traffic with multiple pairs of headlights. When I took my drivers test we were taught that you can only have 1 pair of light (low beam) on when approaching traffic. About 2 years ago I heard an ICBC rep on CBC Radio talking about how this is still true and these newer vehicles with 2 or 3 or even 4 sets of low beams approaching are causing accidents. Something needs to be done about these blinding problems.

  5. I drive Highway 19 between Port McNeill and Campbell River frequently and from October through March I like to check the webcam for Tsitika. (If there’s snow I often can delay my trip for a day.)
    But the webcam hasn’t been working for weeks! And we are now on the edge of snow season. PLEASE FIX THE WEBCAM AT TSITIKA!

    • Hello Joy – thanks for your comment. Our webcam team has let us know that this camera system needs a specialty piece of equipment which is on order. We hope to have the camera up and running very soon and appreciate your patience. The Tsitika camera also has a weather station, which should provide you with data about the weather and conditions in the area until the camera image is restored. Thanks again for connecting with us here – we hope that this information is helpful.

  6. The field bc hill road was originally laid on the original railway bed. The grade was 6%.
    During the last 20 years various road construction projects have lengthened the road making the grade closet to 5%.
    Why has the highways brake check been made mandatory?
    And why is the hill now being falsely listed as 7%?

    • Hello again Blair – we reached out to our staff in the area and they confirmed that this area is also under the jurisdiction of Parks Canada. The number to connect with them regarding any concerns you might have is 1-877-852-3100

  7. When is the sign west bound through kicking horse pass going to be taken down?
    It claims 14 km of winding road with sharp turns.
    Reality is the turns are reduced to 3.7 I. Section of road.

    Please remove the useless sign.

  8. Roger’s pass tunnels.

    The lights are set for daytime use at night.
    How come the new light system does not dim properly.
    I am being blinded almost every night driving through the tunnels at night.
    Every single light is on when only 1 in 4 is actually needed.

    • Hi Blair,

      Thanks for your comment. We will share your comment forward but wanted to confirm that you are referring to the snowsheds (Jack McDonald, Twins and Lannark) or those that are within the federal park boundary? Unfortunately, we are not responsible for those within the federal park. If the concern is with our tunnels, we are happy to send your feedback to our local area staff.

      • Yes. The snowshed tunnels on the east side. Yes the ones in the national park.
        I drive through the park at night. I have not found a way of communicating this issue. Please forward the message.

        • Thank you for clarifying, Blair. We will send this message along to Parks Canada. You can call any concerns on their stretch of highway in to this number:1-877-852-3100

  9. Do you think you might drop all the COVID rhetoric on the highway signs and actually put up something relevant to highways that is important such as bridges being out, getting winter tires on, traffic accident ahead, slippery roads, rock slides, etc. I think we pretty much get how to wash our hands and keep a distance but what I’d really like to know is what I’m driving into. Thanks!

    • Hi there JJ – thanks for your comment. We understand your concern and have shared this forward with our DriveBC folks for their review and consideration.

  10. This is related to the TCH in Goldstream Park on Vancouver Island. The delineators are slowly disappearing on the curves leaving large gaps. When are they likely to be replaced?
    This is outside the construction zone around Langford Parkway nearer the entrance to Goldstream Park.

    • Hello Michele – thanks for your message. We have removed some pickets to allow for construction vehicle turning areas, as well as for cross-over traffic during incidents.

      The current reflective picket delineators were installed as a short-term safety measure, as we plan to install permanent concrete median barriers along this section under the next phase of Malahat Safety Improvements. We have shared your message with our staff responsible for this stretch and they have let us know that staff will review the gaps and look to re-install pickets, if necessary. Thanks again. Safe travels.

  11. Re traffic signal at Hwy 97 , travelling north, left turn lane at Airport Way, access to Quail Ridge area. Can left turn signal be extended? Often only two or 3 cars get through, or a couple of gravel trucks. Usually 6 second delay at least. At various times of the day the lineup can extend into second north travelling lane of Hwy 97. This can be very dangerous and I’m sure will be the cause of a crash one day, if not already. We would all appreciate it if this could be looked into and if it could be changed.
    AIM forwarded the link to city of Kelowna whose website directed me Here! Thank you!

    • Good morning Ann – thanks for connecting with us here.

      New signal timing for this intersection has been created and should be implemented in the next few days.

      Please note that:

      • Signal timing adjustments always put highway movements as a priority
      • Recent pedestrian letdowns and bicycle pole installations may currently be causing some delays on Quail Ridge Blvd.
      • The new signal timing is based on recent traffic counts which show Quail Ridge traffic volumes lower than Airport Way volumes
      • Residents can alternately access Quail Ridge Blvd from Highway 97 north via the UBCO Flyover to Innovation Way

      Once the new signal timing is implemented we will continue to monitor this intersection and make adjustments as changing needs and conditions warrant.

      We hope that this information is helpful. Safe travels.

  12. Did you ever manage to find out what the completion date for the Salmon Arm upgrade was? (My original question has dropped off the visible list.) I don’t see that any reason why it would be embargoed information during the election period. Shouldn’t have to file a formal freedom of information request!

    • Good morning Nick – thanks for following up. Our apologies on the delay in getting this information to you. The 1st Avenue SW – 10th Avenue SW component of the Salmon Arm West project is expected to be substantially complete at the end of 2022. We will make sure that this project information is also updated on the project website, following the interregnum period of the election and appreciate your letting us know.

  13. Hello, I am not sure if this is the correct Avenue to take but hopefully it is a start. I am from a small town in BC called Burns Lake and there is a section of highway 16 that is in dire need of repair. As of today there has been yet another accident, possibly fatal (not confirmed yet), at the rock cuts due to a head on collision. This section of the highway needs to be redirected either by way of lessoning the curve or straighten the road and put up concrete barriers between the two lanes. How many more people need to be hurt or have their lives taken in order for this section of the highway be fixed. Thank you.

    • Good morning Tasha – thanks for connecting with us here to voice your concern. We appreciate you taking the time to do so. We have included the contact information for our Burns Lake area office – for you to contact directly with your concerns.

      161 – Hwy 16 Box 3500
      Burns Lake, BC V0J 1E0
      250 692-7161

      Hope that this is helpful. Safe travels.

  14. I have a concern with the McKenzie Ave at Carey Rd intersection regarding sightlines. When turning left from Carey Rd Northbound to head Westbound on McKenzie Ave, sightlines of oncoming traffic are often partially blocked by oncoming vehicles that are queued in the left-turn lane. Also, the intersection is on a skew angle which further exacerbates sightline issues. The less than ideal sightlines likely don’t meet 50 km/h criteria. I hope “split phasing” can be considered for Carey Rd Northbound and Southbound approaches where both approaches of Carey Rd would get a exclusive protected-left/thru phase at a time. Thank you.

  15. This morning while on my travels and shopping I noticed a Ministry of Transportation pick up (Th 300290) stop outside a liquor store and then the gentleman went into the liquor store. He then exited shortly after with a mickey (375ml) of Smirnoffs Vodka. Is this actual valid use of a government vehicle? Does the provincial government allow this sort of usage of public vehicles?

    • Good afternoon David – thank you for this message. Limited use of ministry vehicles for personal use is allowed but we will still be following up with this staffer directly to discuss.
      We understand that you have also shared this concern directly with the staff in the area. They will also be following up with you via the email you provided with further details. We hope that this is helpful.

  16. Bridal Falls Road, Area D FVRD, is maintained by Highways contractor.
    My comment is Line painting is done with NO warning signs or cones resulting in paint on cars.
    When will this poor practice stop ?

    • Good afternoon William and thanks for your comments. We shared your concern with our staff in the area who advised that they will follow up with the contractor directly on this issue. Any complaints regarding line paint procedures and occurrences of paint on vehicles can be made directly to Lafrentz through their office #: (250) 545-6326. The office will take note of all information and their description of the events, then forward it on for investigation. They’ll look into procedures for the specified day and road (including traffic control/flaggers/signage) and follow-up as needed with the stakeholder. We hope that this information is helpful. Thanks again for connecting with us here. Safe travels.

  17. Hello,

    Our small farm rd has a larger housing development road Currently being installed. Our road is Lakha Rd. In Kelowna within RDCO area and the development is Tower Ranch. We already have a speeding issue on our road and would like to inquire how to go about making a requisition for 3 speed bumps, the larger ones because this is a cycling road as well. The increased traffic, speeding traffic, narrow road, cyclists, children, adults getting there mail and overall safety needs to be addressed. Please let us know.
    Concerned Residents.

    • Hi Jeremy – thanks for your question. We can’t confirm if this road is within our jurisdiction or if it falls to the Municipality of Kelowna. Would you be able to reach out to our staff in the area with your request? They will be able to determine who does what and what can be done. Here’s a link to their contact info:

      Okanagan Shuswap District
      #300 – 1358 St. Paul Street
      Kelowna, BC V1Y 2E1
      Telephone: 250 712-3660

  18. HI, I am wondering what the restrictions are for Farm tractors & Trailers on BC highways in the dark? What are the regulations for lighting on farm tractors & Trailers? Can they leaglly travel on the highway in the dark without taillights?


  19. Hi I’m wondering why the golden ears bridge is not being swept? It is disgusting how dirty the curbs are. U should call super sweep for there great quality trucks and drivers. Great rates but most of all the service is the best in the business! I drive the bridge lots and I can’t believe how downhill it has become. There’s grass growing on the bridge and it should be dealt with befire u have an accident from all the debris on it.

    • Good afternoon Brandi,

      Thanks for your message. Unfortunately, the Golden Ears Bridge is not under the operational maintenance of the ministry, but rather TransLink. Miller Group is responsible for the maintenance on the bridge itself and here is the contact information to let them know your concerns:

  20. Recent changes to the bc ferries web site make it impossible to get scheduling and current conditions information. Please instruct bc ferries to revert to the previous website format.

    • Hi Doug. I suggest contacting BC Ferries with your feedback, detailing exactly how you find the website difficult to use.

  21. I have a question about the Lions Gate Bridge. I ride my bike along the Stanley Park Seawall early in the morning and the past week I have noticed four yellow lights (two each on the east and west sides) just under the bridge deck that I have never seen before. What is the purpose of these lights? (I assume something for the freighters?)

    • Hello again Sam,

      The lights on the underside of the Lions Gate Bridge include white clearance lights for larger vessels and yellow lights on the piers for navigation of the channel. Thanks again for connecting with us here – we hope that this was helpful.

  22. Hi,
    I’m not sure if this is the right place to post a comment regarding BC Ferries but I’d like to say that it doesn’t make any sense to me that patrons are no longer allowed to stay in their vehicles. I know the arguments that it’s safer in terms of the very, very, very remote chance of there being an accident, but it certainly is a much safer option in terms of slowing the spread of covid.

    I think that making people go into the passenger areas again is going to deter them from taking the ferry in the first place, which is perhaps the underlying plan. Vancouver Island has very little covid activity, partly because anyone coming here by ferry has been able to isolate in her/his car.

    Please, pass on to minister Trevena that I, and my family, our strongest objections regarding people not being allowed to remain in their vehicles whilst using the ferry system.
    Thank you.

    • Hello Tracy and thank you for taking the time to share your concerns with us. While we are no longer directly responsible for BC Ferries operations and the mandate for travellers to move up to the passenger decks during sailings has come from Transport Canada, we will share your message forward to the minister’s office, for their information. Thanks again for taking the time to connect with us here. We appreciate hearing from you.

  23. Hi
    We live in Clearwater and do errands and medical/dental appointments in Kamloops!
    We have now 3 times in less than 2 weeks encountered very unsafe travel on highway 5 near Thuya Creek and Darfield!
    It is the companies that do the signage and flagging for the pipeline and hydro poles that put the signage too short of a distance AND in curves!!
    Driving in a 100 zone we passed an 80 zone sign and came twice (9/17 & 9/30) to a deadstop on a bend!
    The flagging/signage company is under-estimating the long vehicle lineups due to the single passing lane nearby!
    And it happened twice today!!
    There will be a horrible multi vehicle accident if they don’t do a better job asap!
    Please have someone from BC Highways out to review and make sure better spacing and more signage both directions warning of Sudden Stops!!
    Thanks in advance,
    Agneta & Jeff Orum

    • Thanks for sharing this with us Agneta. We have sent it to our staff in the area for follow up and will let you know what we hear back.

    • Good afternoon Agneta – just following up to let you know that our area staff will be keeping an eye on the works at this location and discussing their concerns with traffic control supervisors and the contractor completing the work. Thanks again for looping us in on your concern. Safe travels.