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  1. Hi,
    I am inquiring on change to the sensors on the Bus / Car / motorcycle (BCM) lane signals at the bottom of the Nordel hill. The recent addition of a truck turning lane onto the bridge meant the BCM lane sensors wires got moved. the front two circles no longer function for a motorcycle or a small car. when a longer bus covers 3-4 circles it seems to work.

    How can this become functional again?

  2. I hope the ministry will consider adding crosswalk signs at the crosswalk on the Hwy 1 NB on-ramp slip lane at the Helmcken Rd Interchange. This crosswalk is often used by hospital workers and visitors to access the nearby bus stop. Yet there are currently no crosswalk signs which is a safety concern due to the relatively high travel speeds which are usually well in excess of the 50 km/h posted speed limit as well as the high traffic volumes. Thank you for your consideration.

  3. Hi There,

    How do I get a speed limit assessment in my neighbourhood? I’ve reached out to my municipality and they said it rests with the province.
    I’m very concerned about the safety of my children walking to the school bus, as well as other pedestrians on our road. There are no sidewalks or even shoulders. There is no speed limit posted so it is assumed to be 50km/h although there are many other streets in my community where the speed limit is 30 or 40km/h and there are signs highlighting awareness about pedestrians. Many people drive well in excess of this assumed 50km/h. I do not understand the inconsistency with other streets nearby.
    It is especially concerning as the season changes and the darkness sets in as they will be on this road in darkness walking to and waiting for the school bus.
    We live in Highlands on Millstream Rd near Victoria and it’s a rural community.
    Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hello Nicole,

      Thanks for connecting with us here to share your concerns. We encourage you to reach out to staff at our local area office to discuss directly.

      Saanich Area
      240 – 4460 Chatterton Way
      Victoria, BC V8X 5J2

      Hours of Operation:
      8:30 am to noon
      1 pm to 4:30 pm
      Monday to Friday

  4. My son is moving from Saskatchewan to Grand Forks, BC for 5 Months this fall/winter. We are trying to determine if all season M & S tires are good enough or if we also need the mountain with snow flake symbol? Once he arrives in Grand Forks in October the car won’t be leaving the city. Please advise. Thanks.

  5. I was hoping you can help me. I work for HERE a mapping company for vehicle navigation. I received a question about the last exit near at the Horseshoe Bay ferry pay station.

    I called the ferry terminal and the responded saying the exit is open and not in their jurisdiction.
    But it is often coned off to help with traffic.

    When approaching the pay station there is the option to exit from hwy-1 right to Horseshoe Bay Dr. Often it is coned off. It is 50 m long and there are stop signs before you enter Horseshoe Bay Dr.

    I am trying to best represent this in our map to direct drivers to the village to take exit 2. Currently we have this represented as open to the public. If one has their navigation set to most use of highway one would remain on hwy-1 to this small exit. IE increasing traffic at the terminal.

    When is this exit open? Certain Days of the week.
    Is it only for emergency usage ie people leaving the line before paying?
    Any further information would be helpful.

    Thanks for your support.

    • Hi again Kevin,

      We have just learned that you’ve also reached out for more information via email and we are going to let the local area manager get you the information you are looking for that way. Thanks!

  6. I received an electric scooter for my birthday but I read that I might get fined for using it on the street for 598$! However I saw tons of people driving them in Vancouver, north Vancouver and Victoria.
    It’s really sad because it would save me at least 30 minutes to go to work and it’s so much easier than carrying a bike around.
    Thank you

    • Hello Cristina,

      Thanks for connecting with us here. At this time the use of e-scooters, while governed by the BCMVA, is still determined by the local jurisdiction itself. We have asked local communities to submit proposals for the use of e-scooters, for review. Changes to the Motor Vehicle Act, which were approved in fall 2019, give us the chance to work with communities in researching and testing how new mobility technologies should be used to promote the safety of all road users and address changing public mobility needs. We encourage you to connect with your local jurisdiction to determine if they have a plan in place. Here’s a link to more info:

  7. Hello.

    1. What Happens the Big Tree Rest area near the Bigtree creek bridge on Highway 19 did you permanently closure?

    2. What is the year of first opening oyster bay rest area?

    Thank you.

    • Hi again Harry – here’s what we heard back:

      The decision was made to close Big Tree Rest Area in 2016 due to a number of factors;
      • Alignment and speed of traffic in both directions made entrance and exit of the site potentially very dangerous with no options available for realignment.
      • No wifi or option for wifi at the site.
      • A gas station/convenience store is located 17 kilometers north of this location and an established rest area 14 kilometers south.
      • A very nice site located near Keta Lake 26km north, only 9km north of the gas/convenience store was upgraded with new facilities in 2015 provides options for travellers from the north or south.
      • Primitive and aging facilities

      There is evidence the spot where the Oyster Bay Rest Area is located, that it had been used since the 1940’s, but it is unclear exactly when it was formalized into an actual rest area. There is survey work from 1985 about potential improvements to the facilities, so it was established before that but unfortunately we cannot say when. Hope this helps!

  8. ever since they made elm st. part of highway 97 for the bus rouht. the ditch used to be 6 feet and coulverts too oppissited side . now ditch is 3feet and no drainege office in town will not help my yard floods bad every year since 2005 nobody seems to care ian grant says there supposed to clean ditches and put a cullvert in but nothing happens my yard is disappeaing more every year HELP

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for your comment. Just to clarify – where exactly on Highway 97 are you located? You mention that the office in town will not help – can you let us know which MOTI district office you contacted? Thanks

  9. Hello,

    My family and I live in a rural area, with a recently diagnosed child with autism. We would like to help in keeping our child safe while he is in his neighborhood. He is active with outdoor activities in his community with his family/silbings.

    Does department of highways provide road signs to support awareness and safety for children with disabilities.

    Christina Smith

  10. Is the announcement of the election going to delay the award of the contract and the start of work for Kicking Horse Canyon Phase 4?

  11. When will there be lines painted on Highway 16 between Houston and 6 Mile Hill? Driving east in the dark and rain last night against a steady stream of transport trucks was dangerous. There will be serious accidents on this section if you don’t get some lines painted mark my words!! Waiting impatiently for this to happen and this is a serious safety hazard!

    • Good morning Sean. We reached out to local area staff who confirmed that we expect line painting to be done here by the end of the month (line painters LaFrentz will be in the area over the next couple of weeks). As a part of all resurfacing projects, temporary centre line marking should be in place. Please note that it has been a very difficult season for line painting and other construction works due to the significant rain we’ve received this season and these types of works are dependent on weather. Due to this factor, there is a possibility of delay. Our staff have asked for an updated schedule of works from LaFrentz and if there is a change, we will let you know. We hope that this is helpful!

  12. I’d like to know who is responsible for the truck pull out east of Golden. The entire paved parking lot is covered in urine and toilet paper. It’s an environmental nightmare. Commercial drivers are pulling over and urinating or dumping jugs of urine. The entire place smells and is a breeding ground for disease.

    • Hi Chris,

      Yuck! Thanks for letting us know. We sent your message to our local area staff and they confirmed that there are pit toilets and garbage bins there, unfortunately many of the truckers prefer to not use it. They will pass the complaint on to the maintenance contractor directly. Thanks again.

  13. I am a citizen of Hope BC and concerned for a lack of safe way to cross Old Hope Princeton and Ryder in Hope. There is low income housing now complete and fully occupied on Ryder and 2 more buildings to come. Yesterday we had a 13 yr old girl on her bike get hit by car. She was taken to Abby for observation and ive heard she is okay thank goodness. This situation could have been much worse! With that many residents moving into that area a crosswalk without a manual light is not good enough. Very few drivers stop and when they do the pedestrian is more than likely already taken a few steps into the highway to try and cross. Its the only way to force drivers to stop! Nobody should have to play Russian roulette in order to try and cross the street!. I’m wondering if something is in the works to fix this problem?

    • Hello Diane,

      Thanks for your comment and concern. We are glad to hear she will be okay and have sent this message to our staff in the area for their review. We will let you know what we hear back.

    • Hello again Diane,

      Here’s what we heard back from local area staff.

      The ministry recently upgraded that cross walk in 2019 with illuminated signs, it is the same location as Old Hope Princeton Way and 5th Ave but we can certainly request traffic safety to review once again. This type of cross walk is common throughout the lower mainland and the problem here is attributed to speeding and driver behavior in a low speed zone (50 km/h).

  14. The two right-turn lanes from McKenzie Ave onto Highway 1 NB are often severely under-utilized. For context, the other day near Burnside, everyone was in the middle lane while virtually no one in the other right turn lane (right-lane). As a result, traffic on McKenzie was backed up to Carey Rd. There is no signage directing drivers to use both lanes to merge. Also, many people aren’t using the acceleration lane on the highway to the end which is further affecting traffic on McKenzie and the highway. I hope guide signs as well as zipper merge signage (like the sign located near Leigh Rd) can be installed to ensure that all merge lanes on the ramp and highway are being utilized to their full extent. Thank you.

    • Hello Colton,

      As the project is not formally completed yet, the contractor has not yet completed final lane markings and signage in this area. After the project is completed and motorists are used to the new traffic patterns, we will revisit the need for additional signage and lane markings.

    • Hi there William – we aren’t sure what’s happening on your end but we are receiving and replying to your messages. Perhaps our responses are going to your junk inbox?

  15. Hello! Is there someone I can contact in the Nelson area about my concerns in the rise of excessively speeding traffic and in my 30km village and what, if any, solutions can be done for our small community in the Kootenays? Thanks so much!

    • Hi there Kassi,

      Please contact staff at our district office in Nelson. Here’s the info:
      West Kootenay District
      310 Ward Street, 4th floor
      Nelson, BC V1L 5S4
      Telephone: 250 354-6400

  16. hi traffic circles are getting too dangerous! people seem to think they put traffic circles or roundabouts whatever you want to call them, were put there so now you dont have to signal or stop. Wrong they were put there for ? who knows theyre a death trap just as bad as the freeway bumper ride there. City vehicles,transit veh., POLICE veh., ambulances, school board veh., so called professional drivers with their names and numbers all over their veh. like a billboard do not signal in roundabouts never mind lane changes … . please i have been driving since 1977 professionally and pleasure, not 1 accident claim on my insurance and icbc decides i should pay $60 a year more for these people. stop the insanity, yes speed kills but ppl who do not follow the rules cost us millions (even the ones supposed to inforce the rules break them!) even small accidents ruin lives so get off the speed kills kick and enforce all the rules! PLEASE

  17. There is an abandoned vehicle adjacent to 106 Hoey place, Lillooet, B.C. on the shoulder of the highway. There were tenants at that address who left it there. Many engine and transmission parts have been salvaged off it and it is not drive able but tow-able. the previous tenant of Lillooet B,C, Lillooet’s by-law enforcement officer was notified but no action has been taken. Can it moved to salvage?

  18. As a resident of BC, and as a Canadian Citizen, I would like to make a suggestion, re: construction zones.
    The signs that tell you how fast you are going, I think should be equipped with photo radar.
    If you are doing the suggested speed limit, you have less chances of hurting a traffic controller, or somebody doing their job, and getting a ticket.
    If you are speeding through the construction zone, you deserve the ticket!
    I am just so tired of people getting hurt do to other’s inconsiderations.

    Please, take my suggestion seriously. I want everybody to be safe!

    • Thanks for your suggestion Candi. We agree that the safety of workers in the cone zone (and beyond) is essential. At this time the provincial government is not actively considering a photo radar program (other than the ICBC red light intersection camera program) but we will share your comment forward for consideration.

  19. Short-term please fix the potholes on the 264th East exit offramp – stopping in the middle of the highway 1km back is dangerous with everyone trying to budge into the line-up at the last minute, which could be avoided if two lanes were available and people could go right without wrecking their cars. Long-term, put a roundabout in – all the infrastructure is already in place with the exception of small portions.

    • Hello Jasmine – thanks for your message. We have shared it forward with our staff in the area for their review and will let you know what we hear back.

  20. The South Vancouver Island Transportation Plan has not been released yet despite multiple delays. I understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on timelines. However, I would appreciate if an updated timeline could be given for when the report is expected to be completed? Thank you.

  21. Just wondering if there is a plan to install traffic lights on hwy97 at the intersection Dry Valley Rd and Old Vernon Rd. Making turns is difficult because the area is really busy..and people drive super fast on hwy97

    • Good morning Michelle – thanks for connecting with us here. We have sent your question to our staff in the area and will let you know what we hear back.

    • Hello Christine,

      As of May 1, 2019, AIM Roads has commenced the road maintenance contract for Service Area 08 (SA08): including Kelowna, West Kelowna, Peachland, Summerland, Penticton, Princeton, Keremeos and the Osoyoos area. Please use this number to report road-related maintenance and issues: 1-866-222-4204

  22. Hello,

    I have a question regarding safety barriers for school buses. I just need to know if they are allowed to be installed? There is some confusion whether can be or not. I believe not because Transport Canada hasn’t yet. Please let me know. I’m a Director of Transportation for SD 64 (Gulf Islands), I have drivers that think they can be installed and want them installed but I’m reluctant to do so if nothing out there is approved and we are nit liable if they are in and not approved.. Thank you.

    Richard Frost 250 -537-6420

  23. Hello,

    Very pleased to see the new 216th Street interchange in Langley has been opened along with the separated bike lanes. Could, however, the crossings be made into the ‘elephant feet’ variety so that cyclists don’t have to dismount twice to get over the overpass? Signage for vehicles suggests that these are cyclist/pedestrian crossings (white sign with a bicycle and a pedestrian over a crosswalk), but they are painted as zebra crossings and that means that cyclists are obligated to dismount and walk. I don’t know if this was the intent of the bike system design on this overpass. Some clarity on this or different style of crossing would be appreciated.



    • Hello Clarence. Thanks for your question. We sent it to our local staff who let us know that the islands are generally too small to safely allow cyclists to ride their bikes across the intersections, therefore signs will be added for them to dismount at the existing bollard locations prior to crossing the intersections and traffic signs will be updated accordingly. They intend to add bollards on each of the four approach ramps to the structure, with similar signs to dismount prior to crossing the intersection. We hope that this information is helpful.

  24. I have a question regarding slow-moving vehicle pullouts, specifically on West Coast Rd. The signs for these pullouts state “Slower Vehicles Use Pullout.” The key intent for these pullouts is logging trucks and RV’s that are travelling well below the 80 km/h speed limit. However, if someone is travelling at the posted speed limit and a faster vehicle approaches from behind, would they be required to use the pullout (if available) to let the faster-moving vehicle pass? Usually, there aren’t very many people exceeding the 80 km/h posted speed limit, so it isn’t something that’s come up. But it would be nice to know just in case. Thank you.

    • Hi Colton,

      Thanks for your question. While we don’t condone travel over the speed limit, it does happen. We encourage travellers moving at or below the posted speed limit to move over, either into the right hand travel lane or into a slow vehicle pullout. This prevents faster moving vehicle drivers from becoming impatient and taking risky moves to pass slower moving vehicles. The RCMP or local authority having jurisdiction is responsible for enforcing speed limits, not the travelling public. Make sense?

      • Yes, it does make sense. I appreciate the clarification.

        Also, the ministry needs to work with the RCMP on a “Keep Right Except to Pass” education and enforcement campaign on multi-lane highways. The B.C. RCMP don’t seem willing to enforce the law, even saying that left-lane law enforcement is “not a priority” for them. This is despite “left-lane hoggers” being a top frustration for drivers across British Columbia. Even five years after the law came into effect and more definitive signage being installed, people still routinely ignore the law and frustrate many motorists who get stuck behind them in passing lanes. The ministry works with the RCMP on various other campaigns such as speeding, distracted driving and impaired driving. So why is the ministry so reluctant to encourage and work with the RCMP to create enforcement campaigns to deal with drivers disobeying the Keep Right Except to Pass law? Thank you.

        • Thanks for this Colton. We continue to promote driver awareness of this law through our active and engaged social channel conversations (this blog site is one of them). While we do work closely with the RCMP on this and many other road safety campaigns, we cannot dictate their enforcement activities. We are only responsible for writing the legislation and the RCMP for enforcing it. If you would like to share your concerns about lack of enforcement on this issue specifically, we encourage you to share that concern directly with the RCMP.

  25. I have class 1 driver licence from 2009, and I applied to Translink for bus-operator position. RH asked me to take knowledge test for class 2. Why do I have to take this test again if I finished all tests 2009 to get my class 1, which is hired than class 2?

  26. It has now been over a year since the Federal Government announce it would provide $185m funding for provincial highway upgrades Yet there hasn’t even been a squeak from the provincial government about these upgrades. I guess that means that they won’t be happening and you don’t want the money.

  27. I am wondering why the speed limit on the Hope Princeton Hwy starts out at 100 kmh even through some winding sections past the Hope slide and continues through Manning Park then reducing to 90 kmh past east gate and then unexplicably drops to 80 kmh through a newly renovated section that is double lanes each direction. Is that still a construction zone speed limit? It is a ridiculous speed limit and just seems to be a cash grab. I applaud the work that has been done over the last few years but the speed limit is not in line with the ease of navigating through that section.

    • Good morning Dan,

      Thanks for connecting with us here. We have reached out to our traffic engineer and local area staff with your question and will let you know what we hear back.

  28. I feel compelled to write regarding the wrong-minded nature of the winter tire regulations as they pertain to the Sea to Sky Highway.

    Winter tires are required north of Horseshoe Bay as on travels towards Squamish on Highway 99 from Oct 1. This does not make sense and is not consistent with the tire requirements on Highway 1 on the North Shore. Squamish is located at sea level. The highest point on the Sea to Sky Highway is about 140 meters above sea level (ASL). (Elevation above sea level is an accurate predictor of chance of snow). In recorded history, it has snowed once in Squamish in the month of October.

    Compare that to Highway 1 from Horseshoe Bay east to the Iron Workers’ Memorial Bridge. Large sections of that route are higher than 140 meters and the max elevation is over 170 meters near 21st Street in West Vancouver. As for steepness of grade, the portion of Highway 1 west from Mountain Highway to Lynn Valley Road (The Cut) is steeper than anything encountered on the Sea to Sky Highway between Horseshoe Bay and Squamish.

    The highest road in Squamish is 208 meters above sea level. In West Vancouver there are many roads above 300m ASL. Squamish is mainly flat and mainly at sea level. It has a very different topography than the North Shore which reaches steeply into the Coast Mountain Range. So if winter tires are required from Horseshoe Bay northwards starting October 1, consistency would require them from Iron Workers’ Memorial Bridge westwards on the same date.

    The reason this is a big deal is that winter tires have a very limited life span that is dramatically shortened when they are used outside of their operational temperature range. (This is called the glass transition temperature). That temperature is 7 degrees Celsius. The average temperature on the Sea to Sky highway is significantly higher than 7 degrees Celsius during the entire month of October. The performance of winter tires drops off dramatically as they wear. The law requiring the use of winter tires as of Oct 1 is having a real detrimental effect on the efficacy and life span of winter tires and is not, in fact, enhancing public safety. I work as a ski guide and drive the mountain highways of BC all winter long. I invest in the best winter tires available but will not use them in October as it defies reason.

    A simple solution would be to move the October 1 signs north of Squamish, perhaps to Highway 99 at Squamish Valley Road. Place November 1 signs at Horseshoe Bay.

    • Hello Martin,

      Thank you for your comment. We understand your concerns.
      There are two types of tires which legally qualify as winter tires in BC: winter rated snow tires (with a mountain snowflake logo) and Mud and Snow tires (with the M+S logo) both with at least 3.5 mm tread depth. The ministry allows these two types of tires to account for the unique weather situations found on the south coast of the province (such as the Lower Mainland and Southern Vancouver Island). Due to the more temperate climate in these locations, many drivers in these locations choose to use M+S tires year-round. We also understand that winter rated tires perform better in winter conditions and as such, we encourage drivers who will be travelling outside of these areas regularly to consider investing in proper winter tires for their travels and to carry chains and know how to use them, should the need arise. If you are travelling to and from Squamish during the month of October, you might want to consider leaving your M+S tires on your vehicle until the colder, snowier weather of November begins, at which point, your winter rated tires would be the best option. We hope that this helps to clarify. If you have any further questions, let us know. Safe travels.

  29. Hello,

    May I ask why the road over Hurley Pass between Pemberton and Gold Bridge is in such deplorable condition? I have driven this road most summers for 13 years and this year is by far the worst condition in that time period. I would be very upset if i owned a cottage at Gun Lake or Bralorne and had to endure that road beating down my vehicle and passengers every weekend.
    Since Covid 19 the BC backcountry has been busier than ever, people are travelling within the province rather than international destinations and the infrastructure requires maintenance. The tax payers deserve to have safe and good roads to travel on. I suggest you increase the maintenance schedule on this road. In these trying times of many being unemployed, a full time grader operator could be employed. But really the road is presently a disgrace to the Ministry of Highways and if I were a part of the organization I would be embarrassed. Come on, you can do better; please improve the quality of our provincial secondary Highways including Hurley Pass!

    Tim Pochay

  30. My understanding is that The Ministry has jurisdiction over Hwy. 97 within the boundaries of Kelowna. As residents we have an obligation to maintain the boulevard adjacent to our property .. business and residential. Along Hwy. 97 within the city boundaries there are many areas where boulevards are not watered, trees die and are not replaced and in general there is a poor aesthetic presentation from these business owners who are not fulfilling their moral and legal obligations.
    Please have an officer of your ministry address this problem.
    Thank you in advance for your timely response to this request.

    • Hello Mac – thanks for your comment. We shared your concern with our local area staff who let us know that the ministry maintains the medians on Highway 97 that are NOT landscaped through Kelowna, they are either concrete or asphalt capped only. They also let us know that the ministry does not maintain anything beyond the concrete curbing on the side Highway 97 within city limits. The City of Kelowna maintains any medians that have any type of plantings or landscape treatment on them. We hope that this information is helpful!

  31. What is required for a deer crossing sign to be posted in a neighbourhood? We live off a recently paved highway (thanks for that by the way – it’s so smooth), and we frequently see deer and bears in our yard and going over the highway to the other side. Is there a benchmark that needs to be hit for a sign to be posted? With the new paving cars and trucks are going very fast along this stretch and I feel it could cause a major collision which I don’t want to see!

  32. I understand new lighting along B.C. hiways to be the number one priority.

    Number 2 needs to be Bus Routes.

    Start with Nanaimo!

  33. I have a safety concern with Highway 1 at the Delourne Rd intersection. The SB left-turn often backs up beyond the length of the left-turn lane and into the highway fast-lane. The median appears wide enough that if the median barrier was simply shifted over that the left-turn lane could be extended to provide more vehicle storage.

    Also, I hope a 80 km/h speed limit sign can be erected in the northbound and southbound direction of Highway 1 between Shawnigan Lake/Mill Bay Rd and Kilmalu Rd to increase driver awareness of the posted speed limit. This is particularly important in the northbound direction to improve sightlines for drivers turning left onto Kilmalu Rd from Highway 1. Thank you for your consideration.

  34. “Corridor management plans” are supposed to be significant documents in the Ministry’s planning process. The most recent one I can find by searching on the Ministry website for Highway 1 from Kamloops to Alberta Border is dated 1996. Is this really the most recent management plan for this section of highway? If so does the Ministry believe that a quarter century old document is still relevant?

  35. In your news announcing the contract for the first phase of the Salmon Arm West project you don’t give a completion date for the work. What is the completion date specified in the contract?

  36. Hi there, I’m not sure who to direct this to, but I feel inclined to acknowledge those responsible for bc’s outhouses. I am a female truck driver and I must say how much I appreciate the cleanliness of the Bc outhouses this summer. Thank you! Amazing job!

    • Thanks for letting us know Wilma!

      This is the kind of feedback we love to hear and we will be sure to share it back with the folks in the field doing the work! 🙂

  37. It’s probably due time you use our tax dollars to expand the Trans Canada between Vancouver and Abbotsford. Two lanes?? Ridiculous, the city has grown over the last 20 -30 years but the highway hasn’t. C’mon people.

  38. In regards to a 4 lane highway through peachland. I believe a bypass road would make more sense. For a number of reasons. Another road would make sense due to congestion due to slides, accidents, emergency situations like wild fires, closer way to alternate route instead of going all the way around through through Princeton or back through kelowna Beaver dell and around to get to Penticton. A road going through 4 lanes would create the small town of peachland more noise and havoc this place does not need. We definitely can use another access road which would make much more sense.