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  1. I have a concern with the construction zone speed limit on Highway 1 at the McKenzie Interchange project. Currently it is 60 km/h as it has been for last several years during construction. The 60 km/h was reasonable when the alignment was adjusted to the temporary ramps for the last year but now that the alignment has been shifted to the new permanent alignment and traffic is free-flowing I find that 60 km/h is unnecessarily restrictive. Traffic is usually flowing 70-80 km/h during non-peak periods and the few people who choose to drive 60 km/h often get tailgated which creates a less safe driving environment for everyone else. Also the restrictive nature of the speed zone can create antagonism toward police as it would be seen as an easy speed trap due to the few motorists who drive 60 km/h. I am hoping that the construction speed zone can be re-evaluated to determine if a increase is warranted. Thank you.

    • Hi again Colton,

      While we are all excited that the highway is open and we are starting to see how the project will look once finished, it is still an extremely active construction site with workers and equipment near the roadside. Workers may be in different areas at any time, and normal safety features such as lighting and barriers may not be in final position. For that reason, the speed limit is a lower 60km/h to keep everyone safe.

  2. Hi there. I just noticed that the ministry had a hot-in-place resurfacing project for Vancouver Island Highways 1, 14, and 19 up for tender (Project No. 16867-2020). I was pleased to see this as the road surface particularly on Highway 1 near Colwood is quite bumpy with all of the patch work over the years. I am just curious if the ministry has a timeline for when construction is expected to start? Thank you.

    • Good morning Colton – thanks for your message. These projects have a rough estimated date of start in the month May but this date is subject to the award timeline, weather timelines, etc. Sorry we couldn’t be more specific.

  3. Hello. I am currently licensed as a Class 2 School Bus Driver Improvement Instructor,
    (S Endorsement), in Alberta.
    I am moving home to B.C. this year, and would like to know if I will retain this qualification to instruct in B.C., or if I would have to be re-certified to be an instructor for British Columbia. And if I should be asking a different department, would you kindly re-direct me?
    Thank you.

  4. Well far from retrieving the comments you lost from ‘Tell TranBC’ you have now lost everything before Feb 16th! There might be 1730 comments but the public can only see 2 of them!

  5. I have an issue with the Shaughnessy and highway 7A intersection in Port Coquitlam. It backs up every day in both ways of my commute and also the entrance from Shaughnessy to 7A west has no merging lane. So it’s flat out dangerous to merge with traffic flowing at 80-90kmh. Even when there is a big gap in the right lane of West heading traffic I have merged and had someone in the left lane (in their attempt to pass on the right) almost drive in to me when they attempted to change lanes. There is no solid line between lanes like there should be to protect drivers from merging cars.

    On top of that the highway 7a east left turn heading north on to Shaughnessy only has 1 left turn lane and backs up into Highway traffic every single work day between 3pm and 7pm. It usually backs up passed United Blvd and causes multiple accidents a year.

    Ideally this intersection needs to be replaced with an overpass and proper entrance and exit lanes on and off highway 7a and Shaughnessy.

    At the bare minimum we need some painted solid lines between lanes for the west bound traffic and a longer merging lane for drivers entering highway 7a westbound at this intersection. 2 lanes for the eastbound left turn lane and an extension to allow more cars would help with traffic and safety.

    Please let me know if this is the correct forum for this comment. Thanks.

    • Thanks for your question Kris. We have sent it forward to our staff in the area for review and will let you know what we hear back.

    • Hello Kris – here’s what we heard back.

      The ministry is currently undertaking a Mary Hill Bypass Corridor Study for the entire corridor between the Cape Horn Interchange and the Pitt River Bridge. The study is expected to be completed summer 2020. The study will focus on current restraints as well as for volume increases moving into both the near and longer term future. There are many stakeholder considerations being taken into account as the corridor is also a significant goods movement corridor with there being an industrial area as well as the CP Intermodal Yard in the area. Additionally, the ministry will need to consider other modes of transportation, such as cyclist and public transportation. All intersections along the corridor are at grade. We are not aware of any discussion to construct grade separated interchanges. Timelines for anything flowing from the findings of the study are unknown and there is no current plan in place for future construction activities. Regarding your comments around lane changes and request for a solid line – we shared your concern with our Traffic Engineering group and they advised that they will review the intersection to determine how long a line should be and where it should begin. We hope that this information is helpful. Thanks again for connecting with us here.

  6. Hi There. Is the DriveBC site for Load Restrictions working? I have been trying for 2 days to checkout updates for the Cariboo Region and get an error message
    500-internal server error. There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed

    I have tried to access on an iPad and Samsung tablet

    Thank you

    • Good morning Leanna – thanks for your message. Friday and again Saturday there were technical issues with the Seasonal Strength Loss Program postings for restrictions. Subscribed email users were receiving empty emails, and those going to the site were encountering a “internal server error” message.

      We believe these issues are now resolved. We are investigating further as to root cause and our response to this issue. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have cause you.

  7. Good (very early) morning TranBC,

    I just wanted to express my appreciation regarding the recent installation of emergency vehicle pre-emption signals (for people unfamiliar with them, they are the small rectangular signals with blue and white/clear lenses that are typically seen near the traffic signal heads themselves) at intersections along the Patricia Bay Highway. I was wondering if they would ever be installed given the location of Saanich Peninsula Hospital (plus the fact that the Beacon Avenue intersection has had them for a long time now), and I am glad that your contractors have gotten around to doing it! I presume (and hope) that these new signals will help save lives by reducing the likelihood of emergency vehicles having to wait or be endangered at intersections while responding to emergencies, which will be very important given the demographic trends of the Saanich Peninsula.

    Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing what you plan to do next.

    Thank you and I hope you have a good Family Day!


    David Pedersen