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  1. On hwy 15 at the interchange with hwy 1 you should consider the following :

    exiting HWY 1 westbound to hwy 15 there is an intersection with a traffic light. The southbound traffic is not made to stop. Traffic from the off ramp that turns left onto HWY 15 southbound must try to merge right while accelerating to match southbound traffic speed in a very short acceleration lane. I have witnessed near misses on almost every trip through this intersection. The high rate of speed (80-100km) of southbound traffic combined with the failure to yield will eventually lead to a multiple car pileup and serious injuries if it hasn’t already.
    You can lower the speeds in that area, but that wouldn’t be as effective as actually stopping southbound traffic with a red light.

  2. I have read on the ministry website that 30km/h school zones are not aloud on numbered highways in BC. Just wondering why there is one of these on highway 2?

    • Hi Trev,
      There is a 30kmh school zone on Highway 2 but it is within the municipality of Pouce Coupe. This 30kmh zone is located directly north of a very sharp curve which also has a 30kmh advisory to allow traffic to navigate through it. This school zone and curve signage of 30kmh has been reviewed, assessed and signed off by the Regional Traffic Engineer.

      The paragraph on the web site is speaking about a school zone outside of a municipality and along a highway corridor that would have a 90 or 100kmh posted speed limit. Then MoTI would not allow an 30kmh speed zone on a numbered highway as it would create a hazard (an abrupt reduction in speed change from travelling highway speed down to 30kmh). Hope that this helps!

  3. Please correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t it illegal to make a left hand turn on a red light even into a shopping mall parking lot? I know most people would not make the left on a red but can we have a sign installed on the traffic light with a graphic that reminds drivers that they can’t make a left on the red light. There is a traffic light with a pedestrian crossing and I have seen at least a dozen drivers make that left while I am crossing. I am concerned about the safety of pedestrians in this community and want to know if this signage is possible. I live in Lynn Valley, North Vancouver and would be happy to let you know the exact intersection. Thank you.

    • Hi Holly,

      Could you let us know the exact location? That will help us determine if the area is under municipal or provincial care. Thanks!

  4. Moving forward in efficiency…I came across some very innovative products while attending the MATS show in Kentucky. I was hoping to include in the recent order/purchase of a new 2015 Kenworth T680. First and most efficient was the 6X2 configuration from Dana Spicer. Unfortunately I was told by gov.BC that 6X2 are not aloud! I have been an O/O for Buy-Low foods in Calgary for 20 years. Delivering grociers to the north okanagan Salmon Arm to Chase area 6 days aweek, yes I know the mountain highway very well ­čÖé I’m very conscientious in efficiency both being green and effective. My thoughts are definitely outside the box…yes but I’ve been that way for a long avg mpg 7.89 last year all in, fuel and miles driving my 2011 kw W900. Not the most aerodynamic but I did a lot of adjusting, driving style and upgrades for efficiency.
    Thank you
    Monty Crozier

    • Hi Monty,

      We are confirming the current status of 6×2 legislation right now with the good folks in the CVSE. We will let you know when we hear from them. Thanks!

    • Hi again Monty, sorry for the delay.
      B.C. is currently reviewing the operation of these vehicles as part of a federal initiative.