Evergreen Line Progress Means Pedestrian Crosswalk Changes

Head’s up Coquitlam walkers (and drivers)! There’s a new pedestrian crosswalk on the Barnet Highway (just after the Lougheed/Barnet intersection) as a result of continuing work on the Evergreen Rapid Transit Line. Sidewalk closures and detours will be implemented next to active construction sites on Pinetree Way between the Coquitlam transit exchange and Town Centre Boulevard for the safety of pedestrians. These closures and detours will be in place until the spring of 2015.

What does this mean to you?

It means that you need to be extra cautious as you use this stretch of road, because you might have to stop where you used to go. If you travel this route frequently, you might have conditioned yourself to the old traffic pattern, making you less prepared to stop at the new crossing. The BC RCMP are also out to enforce this area, so please pay attention.

This is only one of a number of changes that are happening along with the construction of the Evergreen Line Rapid Transit Project so please be aware and safe as you travel along the future route.

The following closures have also been implemented as part of construction:

  • The north sidewalk on Lincoln Avenue west of Pinetree Way.
  • The sidewalk on the northwest corner of Pinetree Way and Northern Avenue.
  • A pedestrian detour will also be implemented on the east side of Pinetree Way between Obelisk Way and Glen Drive. Pedestrians will be detoured slightly east to a new pedestrian walkway.
  • The sidewalk on the east side of Pinetree Way between Glen Drive and Town Centre Boulevard will remain closed while crews are constructing foundations and columns for the elevated guide way.
  • The pedestrian path on the west side of Pinetree Way between Princess Crescent and Town Centre Boulevard.
The new pedestrian crossing on Barnet Highway between Johnson Street/Mariner Way and Pinetree Way/Lougheed Highway will be a pedestrian activated signal. This signal will also be equipped with an audible feature.

Active construction zones require your undivided attention at any time, day or night. Motorists should always expect the unexpected in a construction zone. This can include anything from changes in road alignment to new pedestrian crossings to machines at work along the roadway. Your patience and extra attention are really appreciated as we work to build this exciting new transportation system.

Evergreen Line map
An aerial of the impacted traffic and pedestrian areas.

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  1. It was my understanding that the City of Coquitlam was exploring options to reduce pedestrian traffic crossing Pinetree Way to speed the flow of traffic along the roadway and including speed up pedestrian departures from the two stations along that section of the route. Can you confirm whether this is planned for future construction at a future date given there is no evidence of such pedestrian overpasses.
    Thank you!

    • Hi James,

      We spoke with the Evergreen Line Project team and they said your question would be best addressed by Coquitlam who are just completing some improvements to the area including multi use paths, lighting and road improvements. Hope that this helps!

  2. Hello again John,

    We can confirm that the sidewalks are temporary and the others will be reinstated once the project is completed. Hope that this helps!

    • It is our understanding that it is temporary John. We will confirm this with the project manager and ask about the grade separated crossing as well. Stay tuned.