Making Room for Wider Sidewalks on the Second Narrows Bridge

Second Narrows Bridge sidewalk

Before we can widen the Ironworkers Memorial Second Narrows Bridge sidewalks, we have to make a little room.

Last year, the ministry started looking at replacing the pedestrian railings on the bridge to improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians since the narrow sidewalks are a major constriction for travelers. After a thorough technical review earlier this year, it was decided to widen both sidewalks from 1.2 to 2.5 metres, install a new three-metre high safety fence and convert the bridge lighting to energy efficient LED lights. All good for increased safety and promoting mobility.

To do that, we must first remove the previous sidewalks before constructing the new ones. Unfortunately the signs are in the way. Specifically, the supports for the existing signs are located outside the existing sidewalks therefore the new supports will be relocated along the inside of the new sidewalk. The new sidewalk will wrap around the new sign bridge supports.

Watch the over night action happen in under 2 minutes:



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  1. The iron bar prison style railing on the bridge is one of the kind in the world as I had travelled the world twice and had not seen anything like that. Being the first means you are either a genius inventor or a mental case that needs to see a doctor. For the photographers, it’s over but you can come to take pictures on the first narrow bridge before they kill that one too. I think whoever approved this prison feeling on the bridge needs to see a doctor. This is how they spent our tax money? Don’t ask for my vote.

    • Hi Alan,

      Sorry to hear your feelings about the new railing. We have shared your comment forward with the area office as well.

    • Hello again Alan,

      We spoke the area office and they informed us that this is a safety fence, built to provide increased safety for cyclists and pedestrians. A similar safety fence was installed several years ago on the Golden Ears Bridge as well. The sidewalk was also widened on the bridge to accommodate both cyclists and pedestrians more efficiently. Hope that this helps.

  2. I wanted to comment on the bridge upgrade. I think the widening of the sidewalk is a much needed improvement for bicycle and pedestrian safety. I think the 3 metre high fence is overkill and the aesthetics of this type of design needs to be revisited. I’m really disappointed with the impacts on the views when driving over the bridge or as a passenger in a vehicle. Some of the most fabulous views in the City are from our bridge decks and helps to reduce the stress of being stuck in traffic. Now when driving over the bridge I feel like I’m in a tunnel and the view is obstructed, whether I’m driving or whether I’m a passenger, unless you look at 90 degrees from the direction that the car is moving. Also at sunset and sunrise, the strobe effect from the sun shining though the railings is quite strong and disturbing and could impact people with epilepsy. I understand that the fence is to prevent suicide attempts, or rather traffic interruptions due to suicide attempts. Given that we live in an area with plenty of choices of high places from which to jump, I don’t think this will prevent suicides just choice of location. (Don’t get me wrong, I lost my father to suicide, but I think this is misguided). Can’t someone come up with a design that lowers the fence or a structure below that doesn’t impact the view for every commuter going over the bridge on a daily basis. I’ve heard that there are plans to do the same on other bridges in the region, again impacting views and the enjoyment of living in this beautiful city. There has to be another solution that would be less intrusive and potentially less costly. All of the people I have spoken with agree with me and are not happy with this design and do not want to see this happen to any of our other bridges. (At least the 20 people I have spoken to about this, unfortunately it is difficult for most of us to keep up with everything that is going on with regards to highway plans). We value the views here, the best ones are from the bridges as we travel around and its one of the reasons why many of us are happy to live here, please reconsider the design for future plans.

    • Hello Lynn,

      Thank you for connecting with us here and sharing your feedback. We are sharing your comment forward with the project manager.

  3. I travel across this bridge frequently and have been watching the progress of the new safety fence as it is installed. It seems to me, when I look at the fence from an angle (ie: looking forward as I drive) that an image appears if I look at the new vertical fence posts collectively. Does the new fence have an image or pattern?

    • Hi Eric,

      The newly constructed wider east sidewalk opened to cyclists and pedestrians February 4, 2015. The west sidewalk will now close so that its old sidewalk and railing can be removed and replaced with a wider sidewalk and safety fence. Signage will redirect cyclists and pedestrians to the east sidewalk until the west sidewalk is completed by Fall 2015.

      Here is a link for more information:

      Hope that this helps!

      • In regards to the North end of the bridge on the Dollarton ramp about the planned installation of flashing advance crosswalk signs & a bike railing curb,is it done yet?

        And as well were anything else planned to be done along with these two improvements i mentioned on the Dolleraton ramp?

          • Hi again Tom,
            The project manager just informed us that the flashing lights are completed and the bike railing is being fabricated for installation along the curb in June. Hope that this helps!

          • Has the bike railing being fabricated for installation along the curb been installed?
            Could you confirm that there are 3 locations for the installation, on both sides of the North end and on one side of the south end of the bridge.?

          • Hi Thomas,

            All three new curb bike railings were installed along the approaches to the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge in November 2015. Hope that this helps – thank you for connecting with us here!