What Does The South Fraser Perimeter Road Opening Mean to You?

*Attention: There is a new access from Highway 17 to Highway 99. Learn more*

It has been a while in the making, but the South Fraser Perimeter Road (SFPR) is now open. What does that mean to you? Well, the new route will mean different things for different drivers.

New Highways Mean New Numbers

Prior to the opening of the new route, Highway 17 began at the BC Ferry Terminal in Tsawassen and continued to the Highway 99 Interchange in Delta. The SFPR will now officially become Highway 17, and the old stretch of highway running through Delta to Highway 99 will now be called Highway 17A. You can see the general alignment changes in the picture on the right.
SFPR alignment

If you are a motorist:

You have two choices to get to and from the George Massey Tunnel and beyond – the SFPR (which will now be Highway 17) or the old highway (which will be named Highway 17A).

If you are a commercial vehicle:

Please use the new route. At 40 kilometres, the SFPR is a bit longer than the old route, but it’ll be quicker to travel on, because there are more lanes, a faster travel speed and few traffic signals.

The South Fraser Perimeter Road was designed as a part of our Pacific Gateway strategy and is to redirect commercial traffic from Metro Vancouver roads and provide a clear route for that traffic from Deltaport into the BC interior and beyond. This new route separates commercial traffic from residential areas, improving safety for local communities and motorists. Regular motor vehicles are welcome to use the new route, but if you would rather steer clear of big trucks, you should find other routes in the Lower Mainland much easier to travel now that this truck route is open.

Any thoughts on the new highway? Have you seen any benefits to your travel? If so, leave us a comment below, or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter and let us know.

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  1. We need a snappier name for this road. A real mouthful for the traffic reporters on the radio.

    My vote is for “Delta Bypass”.

    Great road by the way…lots of lovely curves and no long boring straights.

    My buddy Daniel says “Delta Sidewinder”.

    • Thanks for the suggestions Jasper and Daniel. We will definitely keep those in mind ;). Around here we just call it the SFPR.

  2. We travelled the SFPR on Dec 30th on our way out to the valley. It was the longest ride without lights that we’ve had in a long time. The trip never seemed to end! Smooth and a great ride. I love not having to travel through Langley – rough roads, congestion and too many lights. Great new road!!

  3. I had the opportunity on the night of Christmas Eve to journey on the new SFPR from the ferry terminal in Tsawwassen to the 176th street exit. The road was smooth, not congested, very few traffic lights,no tolls,all in all a great ride!!! The speed limit was 80km which I thought would have been a bit higher however we did save 20 minutes off our usual drive from North Surrey to the ferry. Great new ROAD!!!