Building the Evergreen Line: One Piece at a Time

Bit by bit and piece by piece, the Evergreen Line is starting to take shape. The construction of a new SkyTrain takes time and includes moving utilities, reconfiguring roads, building at-grade and elevated guideways, tunnels, stations, and installing train operating systems.

Oftentimes this work unfolds behind the scenes, but recently a number of important “bits and pieces” for the Evergreen Line have taken the stage front and centre and we wanted to share them with you. Without further ado, we present a photo study in those bits and pieces.

Part One
The Evergreen Line’s massive tunnel boring machine is making its way to B.C. from the manufacturer in Ontario. It’s being shipped in pieces by truck and rail because of its size. The entire tunnel boring machine is 85 metres long and 10 metres in diameter. The machine will build the two-kilometre tunnel that will run west of Barnet Highway in Port Moody to south of Kemsley Avenue in Coquitlam.

photo 4

Due to its size and weight, the tunnel boring machine is being shipped in pieces from Ontario and will be assembled at a specially built launch site on the west side of the Barnet Highway in Port Moody. Assembly will take a couple of months, with tunnel construction expected to start in February 2014.

Tunnel Borer

This is the cutter head on the tunnel boring machine. The cutter head is 10 metres in diameter and weighs 130 tonnes. It’s the first piece of the tunnel boring machine and it rotates to break up the ground and a conveyor system moves the spoils to the back of the machine for disposal. Moving an average of eight metres a day, it will take approximately a year to build the two-kilometre tunnel.

Part Two
Over the November long weekend, crews pushed a 4,000 tonne concrete box under the Barnet Highway for the future Inlet Centre Station as part of Evergreen Line project and reopened the road to traffic eight hours ahead of schedule. This was the largest traffic disruption expected on the Evergreen Line project and it is now done.
Crews are inside the concrete box, watching as a section of the Barnet Highway is removed to make room for the box to be pushed into position. The box will contain a portion of the future Evergreen Line Inlet Centre Station platform and guideway. Now crews will be able to build station with minimal disruption to the road and traffic.


The Inlet Centre Station will have two entrances —one on the west side and the other on the east side of the intersection, allowing passengers convenient, safe access from each side of Barnet Highway. This station design responds to the community’s desire to have a station that is not elevated.

When completed, the Evergreen Rapid Transit line will provide fast, frequent and convenient service linking the communities of Coquitlam and Port Moody to Vancouver and the existing SkyTrain system. It is scheduled to open in the summer of 2016. Visit the website for more information or connect with us below.

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