I Love Transit Week and the Buzzer Blog

1. The act of passing over, across or through; passage

We love transit. We love the buses, the skytrains, the views and the people. Did you know that August 5-9th was the sixth annual I Love Transit Week in Greater Vancouver? Transit really is a vital part of any effective transportation system and to celebrate transit in the Lower Mainland, Translink put together a fabulous week full of events and activities for everyone enjoyed. They even witnessed a bus wedding – how cool is that? Anyways, thinking about loving transit got us thinking more specifically about things we love about Translinks Buzzer blogs, which we wanted to share with you. Ahem.


I Love Transit Week
Let’s start with this while it is hot off the press. The work that these folks do to encourage participation in public transit is really inspiring. This year they had an I Love Transit Night that broke records, witnessed a bus wedding and even got an interview with Nardwuar, the Human Serviette (Doot doola doot doo!)

nina and jared

Buzzer Illustrator Interviews
The Buzzer was first published on June 2, 1916, and distributed on the streetcars that made up public transprotation in Metro Vancouver at the time. Get inside the mind of the artists who create the art for each edition of the Buzzer, you won’t regret it.

Translink 101
Making it easy to understand the how and why of TransLink, this series is a great starter for anyone looking to learn more about what makes the TransLink system tick.

And that’s just to start. So, if you live in the Lower Mainland and are interested in learning more about your local transit system, check in with the folks at the Buzzer Blog. Transit love, until next time.

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