South Fraser Perimeter Road: 3 Things to Look Forward To

South Fraser Perimeter Road

Great news for those waiting to travel the entire South Fraser Perimeter Road (known in local circles as the SFPR): your wait will be over December 2013.

If you live or drive in the Lower Mainland, you probably already know what this project is all about, but if you’ve never heard of it before, here are a few details to give you an idea about its size and what it means for local communities and the rest of us.

The SFPR is being built as a 40-kilometre, four-lane highway along the south side of the Fraser River, through the communities of Delta and Surrey. If you’re having trouble visualizing that, here is a handy map of the South Fraser Perimeter Road you can check out.

    1. For the Common Traveller
      The eastern portion of the SFPR opened last December. But when the rest of the project is completed, you can expect to see a significant cut in commute times. Anyone travelling roundtrip from Delta to Highway 1 in Langley, for example, will save an hour a day. Multiply that over the year, and that’s a lot of time back for the things you’d rather be doing – yeah, I’m talking to you with the “I’d Rather Be Fishing” bumper sticker.
South Fraser Perimeter Road
  1. For Farmers
    And the good news isn’t just about time savings, either. There are environmental benefits, too. The SFPR includes one of the largest environmental and agricultural improvement plans for a highway project in B.C. It will put a new irrigation system in Delta, bringing fresh water from the Fraser River to more than 15,000 acres of farmland and allowing farmers to grow more diverse and higher-yield crops.
  2. For Commercial Vehicles
    Those crops have to reach their destinations, too. Well, the new route will improve economic and business opportunities along the corridor making it faster, safer and easier for industry to haul freight to and from Deltaport.

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  1. Hi Douglas,

    Thanks for connecting with us. Yes, it is true that some GPS service providers have not yet updated their maps to include the new SFPR, but Google Maps has updated their map to show the new route and interchanges. Highway 10/Ladner Trunk Road is still accessible but instead of taking Highway 17 like you would have previously, you will now be taking the same route towards Ladner on Highway 17A. Here is a blog we put together to help you make sense of the route changes: Hope that this helps!

  2. The new SFRP leaves me confused and frustrated. I live on Vancouver Island and travel frequently to Langley BC. Just as frequaently I get lost. My GPS is usles as the new highway has not been uploaded. Nor ar road maps of any use. I wish to go to Langley. I see road signs for Surrey, HWY 1, Ladner, Vancouver. etc but no Langley. I could follow Hwy 1 to Hope but that’s a long way aroaund to Langley.
    Is there a road map that I can down load from the ministry shoiwing the routes to Langley? I hate getting lost until my GPS finds an area it recognizes