What You Need to Know About the CVSE-DeltaPD Road Check

CVSE Road Check

Do you drive commercial vehicles, or have you ever wondered what these folks do?

Our Commercial Vehicle Safety Enforcement inspectors regularly team up with  police to conduct safety road checks. CVSE staffer, Steven Haywood explains what the CVSE looks for when they inspect a vehicle.


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  1. Hi,i have seen the Delta police commercial vehicle officers doing inspections here in Hope multiple times,aren’t they way out of their jurisdiction?I would not be happy as a Delta taxpayer to see officers doing work somewhere else in BC when there are plenty of commercial vehicles to inspect around the Delta community(container haulers to Deltaport,demo and dump trucks to the Vancouver landfill etc…).In a case of emergency,one extra police officer in Hope is one short on the roads in Delta.

    • Hi Terry,
      Thanks for sharing your concerns. Police departments, while mainly focused on their community, do have provincial authority for compliance and enforcement. CVSE and the Delta Police have a very good working relationship, with requests from each agency to join in each other’s safety enforcement campaigns on a regular occurrence. The annual safety inspection campaign that you see in Hope is also completed in all other North American jurisdictions at the same time, in support of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA).
      It is valuable for the Delta Police (and other Police forces) to attend as the CVSE staff have a higher level of training in commercial vehicles, allowing for knowledge transfer and mentorship which increases the level of expertise by those in attendance in Hope

      If you have any further questions regarding the Delta Police Department, we’d really recommend contacting them as we can’t speak on their behalf.

  2. Which Govt Dept does CVSE belong to? Is it ICBC or Translink..?? Their official trucks don’t display any stickers??

    Would be good to know and have that clearly displayed. Also, why do they carry BC’s Coat of Arms when it is the Rising Sun??

    Please reply?

    • Hello Aman,
      CVSE falls under the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. It previously was ICBC but it’s now been under the ministry for a few years, which is why you’ll see the BC Provincial logo. I hope that answers your question.