BC HighwayCams Give a Glimpse of a Wet Start to Summer

Tomorrow is the first day of summer, but you might not guess it by looking at most of the BC HighwayCams across the province this morning. Lots of rain, fog and even some snow. Highways 1, 31, and 31A have been impacted by high water levels. Here is a snapshot of the last day of spring 2013 in B.C., courtesy of DriveBC.

keremeos Wet , wet and more wet on Highway 3 at Keremeos this morning. Good for the cherries! Have a look at it now.


kootenayPassYup, that’s snow in Kootenay Pass and yes, the first day of summer is tomorrow. Ahhh, B.C. livin’! See Kootenay Pass now.


ironworkersA grey commute over the Ironworker’s Memorial, in the Lower Mainland. How does it look now?


Laxgalts'ap (Greenville)Laxgalts’ap (Greenville), looking pretty wet. Have a look at it now…


chetwyndChetwynd B.C., closed in by fog. Check to see the current road condition.

So, here’s to summer and hoping that all this rain keeps B.C. green and beautiful – well into the coming summer months. And remember, if you are travelling somewhere this summer, or anytime of the year, it pays to be prepared – Check DriveBC and know before you go!

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