Three Days in the Life of a Webcam

Most people watch our webcams, to scope out the weather, driving and traffic conditions. But you might spot scenes of nature, beauty and movement. Webcams are versatile like that.

Our most northerly webcam on Highway 37, at the border of B.C. and the Yukon, captures some cool views. It was installed last year, at the request of residents of nearby Dease Lake, and is solar powered. At this north-looking setting, border traffic includes moose, caribou and an assortment of vehicles. Weather and winter’s changing light also offer a variety of scenes.

Webcam DriveBC Yukon Border BCHwy37 Highway37

B.C.’s flag flies into view , Yukon sign at right, at the border on Highway 37.

Here are some highlights from three recent days…

Jan. 26 – Vehicles and Wildlife Visit the Pullout

Webcam DriveBC Yukon Boarder Pullout BC

Commercial vehicles pause at the pullout.

BC Highway BCHwy DriveBC Webcam Cams

Lone moose seeks sustenance.

Webcam DriveBC BCHwyCams Cams BC Highway

Moose in the early evening. (Note hoof prints on the right)

BCHwy Webcam BChwycams DriveBC Moose Wildlife

Now there’s two moose. Or is that meese? Nope it’s moose.

Webcam DriveBC BCHwycam BCHwy cams BC

Not nice weather for beasts or humans.

Jan. 27 – An Overcast Day

DriveBC BCHwyCams BC Webcams cams BCHwy

Headlights glimmer through a gloomy day.

DriveBC BCHwycam Highways BC Cams webcam Plow

A plow truck provides some traction.

DriveBC BCHwycams webcams BCHwy BC cams

A moose appears at dusk…

Webcam BCHwycams cams DriveBC BC Highway

…and then there’s two moose.

BCHwy Highway cams webcam BCHwycams DriveBC BC

Caribou looking for a late-night nibble.

January 28 – Changing Winter Light

BC BCHwy BCHwycams Highway DriveBC webcam cams

The long shadows of winter, cast by B.C.’s welcome sign, cross the highway.

Sunset BC Hwy BCHwy Highway BC Webcam cams DriveBC

The gentle glow of a wintry sunset.

Pullout BCHwycams webcam DriveBC BC Highway BCHwy

A well-lit truck takes a break at the pullout.

That’s an eventful three days from our northern border cam!

This webcam is one of our growing number of webcams. There’s now a whopping 317 webcam views on DriveBC. Just this week, nine more webcam views were unveiled – seven on southern Vancouver Island, and two on Highway 1, looking east and west at Monte Creek.)

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve ever seen from a B.C. highway webcam?

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