Technology: Improving Travel and Highway Safety

Technology: Improving Travel and Highway Safety DriveBC Mobile
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Here at TranBC, we love technology, and we’re constantly looking for new ways to make things easier and safer for you to get around. This year saw a lot of interesting developments, and we’ve got a summary of some of the top tech tales of 2012 here for your reading pleasure.

Going Mobile
DriveBC went mobile in 2011, and it was really well received. So much so that we looked to offer more portable services in 2012. Enter CVSE Mobile, a way for commercial drivers to access the information they need on the road. Whether it’s applying for a permit, getting the latest on chain-ups or load restrictions or looking up transport regulations, it’s a definite must-have for anyone who makes a living trucking, and it makes a great complement to our Weigh2GoBC Program by helping to keep drivers on the road, hauling their load.

Expanding Social Media Presence
One of our main focuses here at TranBC is to talk with you, find out what you’re interested in and provide you the information you’re looking for. To do that, we spent a lot of 2012 expanding our presence on social media. You may have already known we were on Facebook and Twitter. How about Flickr or Foursquare? Pinterest? YouTube? We’re there too, and if you haven’t had a chance yet, come by and connect with us on your channel of choice.

In addition to expanding our presence on different social media channels, 2012 also saw new TranBC and DriveBC Twitter accounts to give you better access to content that’s interesting to you – transportation stories and traffic information where you live. Here’s the list:

Regional @TranBC

Bulkley Valley, Lakes, and Stikine
CaribooThompson Nicola
Kootenay Pass
Lower Mainland
Prince George/North Central BC
Rocky Mountain
Powell River
Vancouver Island


Twitter @TranBC @DriveBC Regional LowerMainland VancouverIsland RockyMountain WestKootenay Okanagan-Shuswap Thompson-Nicola Cariboo Peace FortGeorge Bulkey-Stikine Skeena

Regional @DriveBC

Lower Mainland
North Central
North East
North West
Thompson Okanagan
Vancouver Island

Where Do You Want Webcams?
But our increasing audience on social media allowed us to do something last year we hadn’t been able to before, and that was use the different social platforms to ask where you wanted to see the next cams. So that’s what we did. And wow, what a response. In a few short weeks, we had more than 700 replies. It’s exciting to see some of the most popular locations mentioned, like Hwy 9 at Agassiz-Rosedale Bridge, Bombi Pass and Sunday Summit, have since had highway cams installed.

Webcams have always been one of our most popular services, and it’s not hard to see why. The ability to look at the road you’re planning to drive is an excellent way to help drivers make informed travel decisions and make the roads safer as a result. Since you like them so much, we’ve been working to add more every year, and last year we added a lot.

Of course, that’s not the end of the webcam discussion. We’re always looking for your suggestions, so if you have any, please let us know.

Smart Signs
We reported on several new warning signs in 2012. There were new deer warning signs with lights that flashed at different times, depending on deer activity in the area. Other smart signs included ones that can sense changing road conditions and alert motorists to drive accordingly. These signs join others, like those in our Advanced Traveller Information System (ATIS) as part of our growing Intelligent Transportation System to keep drivers as informed as possible while on the road.

Opening Data
One of the most exciting developments in 2012 (from an information sharing perspective) was making a wealth of transportation data publicly available on DataBC. Along with five years of DriveBC information , you can find over 30 different sets of data from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, everything from rest areas to rail crossings, and you can look forward to more in the future. Making this data available is about more than just providing some insight for the curious. It also allows technically savvy folks to use the information in new and exciting ways (you can find out more about some of the work that’s already been done here).

Those are some of our favorite transportation technology stories from 2012. What are yours?

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  1. Yes, technology plays a vital role in travel and highway safety. I think, it is due to technology we travel of 1000 miles in hours and to control flow of traffic technology play its role. We can’t move further without technological progress.