Top 5 Blogs and a Video: Winter Highway Maintenance in BC

Building new bridges and opening new roads can be a great highlight of the work we do here at the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, but maintaining the highways that connect our province is our bread and butter.

With over 40,000 kilometres of highways to maintain, on some of the most challenging terrain in the world and often through bad weather conditions – keeping British Columbia moving is no small feat. In order to keep you up to speed, especially in the winter, we often talk about the how and the why of our maintenance program.

Winter is upon us and so is the season of sharing, with that in mind, we compiled some of our most popular winter maintenance blogs and videos for you right here. So, fasten yourself in and get ready, BC highway winter maintenance starts now:


  1. Hey, you got a problem? Let us know! Here’s a handy guide to help you help us when something goes wrong on the road. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Salute to Salt. Did you know that there is a specific science behind why and when we use salt to keep your route clear?
  3. Maintenance by the Numbers. What does it all add up to? Safer roads for you.
  4. Why are some roads plowed more than others? A question we hear a lot of when the snow hits the fan. Have your myth dispelled here.
  5. Say Hello to the Tow Plow. Something about this cool tool makes it a perennial favourite with our followers. We aren’t sure if it is the machines or the highways or both. You decide.

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